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Natural Adhesion Method
Full Incision Method
Ptosis Correction

Dramatic Change of Eyes

Features of Grand
Double Eyelid Surgery


Fast surgery,
Fast recovery

Grand Plastic Surgery has developed the natural adhesion method with our advanced techniques. Surgery duration is shorter and recovery is faster as the surgery is performed by surgeons with rich experience in eye surgery.


Reliable outcome that does
not become undone easily

With accurate diagnosis done before operation, surgery is performed in the most suitable method for each patient's condition. Therefore, double eyelid does not become undone easily.


Beautiful design that is harmonious
with the overall features

Patient's desired eyes are analyzed from thorough consultation with the surgeon prior to surgery and the most suitable eye shape is designed according to the individual image with excellent aesthetical sense.

Which Method is Right for Me?

Customized Consulting

Thin eyelid skin with less eyelid fat

Natural Adhesion

Thin eyelid skin with

less eyelid fat

Thin eyelid skin
with excessive eyelid fat

Full Incision Method

Thick eyelid skin with

excessive eyelid fat

Sleepy-looking eyes

Double eyelid surgery /Ptosis correction


Natural double eyelid crease

Natural Adhesion Method

  • Surgery duration30mins

  • Types of anesthesiaIV sedation

  • HospitalizationSame-Day Discharge

  • Stitch removal3days

After the surgery

Natural adhesion method is a double eyelid surgery done by making small holes on the eyelid instead of incising the skin fully. It is a surgical method recommended for patients who have to return to their daily routine as soon as possible as the duration of the surgery is short, recovery is fast and the scar is hardly noticeable.

  • STEP 01

    A skilled plastic surgeon designs the double eyelid based on patient’s features and skin condition and makes small holes on the eyelid.

  • STEP 02

    Through the spaces, small holes are made on upper eyelid muscle and skin to promote tissue adhesion. Some of the excessive fat may be removed if needed.

  • STEP 03

    The inner and outer layer of skin is fixed firmly with threads in order to keep the beautiful crease without becoming undone.

  • STEP 04

    Natural. beautiful double eyelid creases are made.

What makes Grand
Natural Adhesion Special

  • 01Natural-looking crease

    Double eyelid crease is looking very natural as it is a procedure that promotes natural adhesion underneath the skin.

  • 02Less visible incision site

    Lower chance of scarring as only small holes are made.

  • 03Possible even for those with ptosis

    If ptosis condition is not too severe, natural adhesion is possible.

  • 04Low possibility of becoming undone

    The double eyelid does not become easily undone as Grand Plastic Surgery's natural adhesion is a procedure that is based on how a natural double eyelid is formed.

  • 05Other eye surgeries that can be done together for maximum results

    More dramatic result is achievable as other procedures like ptosis correction or epicanthoplasty can be done together.

Natural Adhesion is suitable for those

  • Who have not much eyelid fat
  • Who have multiple double eyelid creases or crease that doesn’t stay stable
  • Who have thin eyelid skin and less tissues on eyelid
  • Are concern of scarring after incision method

Natural, Defined Eyes

Ptosis correction (Incision/Non-incision)

  • Surgery durationNon-incision : 15-30mins
    Incision : 1-1.5 hours

  • Types of anesthesiaIV sedation

  • HospitalizationSame-Day Discharge

  • Stitch removal3-7 days

After the surgery

Ptosis correction is done along with double eyelid surgery in case of eyes with weak opening strength. It’s a surgery to correct the eyelid muscle for defined eyes and surgery is performed based on overall facial features and ratio of eyes.

  • STEP 01

    A skilled plastic surgeon designs the double eyelid based on patient’s features and skin condition.

  • STEP 02

    Muscle tension is corrected so the eyes can be opened easily.

  • STEP 03

    Completion of natural,
    beautiful eyes.

What makes Grand
Ptosis Correction Special

  • 01Bigger, defined eyes for good impression

    Correction of eyelids and its muscle to lift up the drooping eyelids for bigger, defined eyes and standout first impression.

  • 02Prevention of forehead wrinkles

    Without making your brows furrowed, eyes can be opened up clearly so that the forehead wrinkles can be prevented.

  • 03Improvement in sleepy-looking eyes

    Severely drooping eyelids can also be corrected and sleepy-looking eyes can look defined.

  • 04Techniques to minimize scars and swelling

    Surgery is performed through micro incisions for scars and swelling to be minimized.

  • 05Eye design that matches individual facial structure

    Design is done based on overall analysis of facial shape, nose, and skin condition around eyes.

  • 06Highly satisfied customized design

    Highly satisfied, customized eye surgery that accurately understands the individual needs.

Full Incision is suitable for those

  • Who have eyelids covering the pupil to a degree that goes over the normal range
  • Who wish to have their eyes bigger and more defined
  • Who raise their eye brow when opening their eyes unconsciously
  • Who have ptosis condition


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‘Better Together’

Grand Eye Surgery Package


Sleepy eyes

Double Eyelid

Ptosis Correction


Fierce eyes

Completed system with the latest
medical equipments

GRAND offers the most
advanced techniques

CCTV Observation

The guardians who have agreed in advance can observe the entire operation process in real time at CCTV observation room.


Anesthesiologists who were former university professor is present during the surgery and real-time monitoring system is equipped to check all possible situation during general anesthesia.

Surgery real-name

All the medical staffs at Grand Plastic Surgery are conscientious. Patient's surgeon will be in charge of the entire process from consultation to surgery and post-operative care to prevent damage from ghost surgery and substitute surgeon.

Emergency system fully

Grand Plastic Surgery operating rooms are fully equipped with a University hospital-level safety system, including a cardiac defibrillator for emergencies, an emergency kit, and a UPS self-generating power system in case of a power outage.

Air circulator

Air circulator that can supply clean air, elimination of dust and germs, is fully equipped in OR to prevent infection.

Management of
medical tools

All medical tools that can be easily contaminated are thoroughly sanitized and sterilized for prevention of infection.

Management of

Professional laundry services are used for patient gowns, scrubs, OP drapes, etc. to aim the sanitized laundry through strict monitoring of infection or inflammation.

Management of
inpatient rooms

Comfortable inpatient rooms are available to ease the whole surgery process of foreign patients. Professional, detailed care services are offered during their stay.

Collaboration of specialists in various fields for professional, high-quality customized solution for each patient

Grand Plastic Surgery has a systematic care system consisted of various specialists such as plastic surgeon, dermatologist, oral & maxillofacial surgeon, and anesthesiologist.
Improvement in patient’s appearance in most ideal, beautiful way is possible as 1:1 customized surgery is planed through detailed examination.

No. 1 in Plastic Surgery - Brand Award

2019 Medical Korea Awards

2019 Medical Korea Awards
- Grand Prize in Plastic Surgery

No. 1 in Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery

2019 Healthy Life Forum

Sponsored by Russian Ministry of Health
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+
Invited Speaker Speech Rhee Sewhan, M.D.

No. 1 in Anti-Aging Brand Awards

2018 KCAI

2018 KCAI (Korean Consumer Appraisal Index)
- Grand Prize in Anti-Aging Surgery

Giving & Sharing - Social Contribution Activity

2016 Mongolian Red Cross

Mongolian Red Cross Appreciation Plaque
Surgery and treatment volunteer for
disadvantaged group

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Airport Transfer Service

Professional driver is assigned for patients from other countries to assist them from/to the airport to clinic.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Hotel Reservation Service

We provide hotel reservation service for patient's comfort before and after surgery.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


24-hour Direct Consulting Service

24-hour direct consulting service is possible for patients residing outside of Korea. Consultation will be arranged to be at the time upon patient requests.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


1:1 Translator Service

Consultants in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Thai assist patients throughout the whole process of Consultation-Surgery-Recovery-Post-operative care-Discharge.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Multilingual Website

We provide accurate information about plastic surgery by operating our website in multiple languages for international patients. Please request an online consultation for a prompt reply.

Please follow the instructions for
the best results of the surgery!

Before and after
surgery guide

Before surgery
  • 1On the day of surgery, it’s recommended to dress comfortably and to bring a hat, sunglasses, glasses, scarves, etc.
  • 2If you are taking any medication, please tell your doctor in advance. You have to stop taking your medication from 7 to 10 days before the surgery. (Aspirin, painkillers, etc.)
  • 3If you have symptoms of cold and flu, high fever, severe phlegm or cough, it is recommended to postpone the surgery.
  • 4Please stop smoking and drinking three days before the surgery.
  • 5Please do not eat or drink anything from 6 hours before the operation.(Including candy, gum, beverage, coffee, water)
  • 6Driving immediately after surgery is dangerous, so please use public transportation or come with your guardian.
After surgery
  • 1Do not do activities that involves shedding tears, rubbing eyes, or squeezing eyes.
  • 2Use eye drops and apply ointment as directed for wound dressing. This can minimize scarring.
  • 3Eye make up can be done starting from 2 weeks after surgery. Fake eyelashes can be used 4 weeks after surgery.
  • 4Do not wear contact lens for at least 3 weeks and wear glasses or sun glasses instead.
  • 5Do not bow your head or sleep on your face and use 2-3 fluffy pillows to elevate your head over 20-30 degrees higher than heart position – this helps with swelling and bruising minimization.
  • 6Swelling is maximized up to 48 hours after surgery. Use ice pack for the first 3 days and use warm pack afterwards.
  • 7Smoking and drinking are prohibited for fast recovery. It can be done starting from 3 – 4 weeks after surgery but only in inevitable situation.
  • 8Avoid going to Sauna or hot spring for about 3 weeks after surgery.

Postoperative swelling and bruising may vary depending on the individual's constitution


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