Weak Chin Correction

Poor growth of the chin can cause the look of a receding or short chin. Generally, weak chin are classified according to occlusion or malocclusion

Poor growth of the chin can cause the look of a receding or short chin. Generally, weak chin are classified according to occlusion or malocclusion

A receding chin indicates a state when the chin seems sunken
and short due to the underdevelopment in the chin tip.
Generally a receding depends on whether the occlusion
is normal or not, when there is less developed
dwarfish chin tip despite its usual occlusion,
this could be also improved
with Receding Chin Correction.
I have small and short chin
Wrinkle around my lips is deep and shaded
The upper lip seems protruded
Jaw joint hurts or sound comes out and get worse
Border between the chin and neck is unclear
Two-jaw/facial contouring surgeries
are with us, at Grand
Normal occlusion
but under developed chin
bone makes the chin
tip look dwarfish.
Unusual occlusion
and sunken chin due to
abnormal development of
the whole chin bone
Can be improved with Receding Chin correction
Can be improved with Two-jaw surgery

Grand is using laser for Recefing Chin Correction
You can have a facial confouring surgery whit cut bone out bones smoothly
without the damage from heating or vibration by using water and laser.
 01| Less damage to bone compared to cutting it by saw. 
 Laser helps bone cells to regenerate
 so that the bone after surgery can heal quickly. 
 03| Less damage to nearby tissue, soft tissue and cells. 
 04| Less bleeding 
 05| Surgery procedure is safe. 

1:1 customized implant
If the receding chin is not so severe, insert a customized implant to make appropriate chin size
The appropriate ratio that does not appear as wide jaw
In the existing surgical method, when the bones are cut horizontally long and advanced,
afterward the front chin feels get broaden and when the fracture line is low,
only the bottom of chin tip comes out. However, we advance the frontal chin tip forward,
it prevents the chin to be broaden. The chin line linked naturally from the back of the tip,
you can expect to have slimmer face.
Solve the problems of facial size at once
Differed from that of the existing long chin surgery, Grand considers each one’s
feature and image so that people can solve their complex problems at once.
You could imagine of the actual size down for the face
It’s safe
Grand’s Receding chin correction is a surgery that requires incision many nerves or
facial bone, thus, it has to be done by skillful surgeons. As we analyze the face with
3D concisely and considers cutting not to touch the neural gland the most important,
high degree surgeries could be done safely.
Correcting the vague line clearly
Taking the whole face as one line, we perform surgery so the result and satisfaction are positive
A thorough after-care and recovery system
After the surgery, we provide after care system to soothe swelling and pain,
thus shortening the recovery period.
Completion of beautiful face through exact 3D CT diagnosis
The complication which can occur during the surgery or due to
patient’s personal anatomical difference
(such as numbness from nerve damages, excessive bleeding from
abnormal anatomical structure, verification of whether it if possible
to make free airway during general anesthesia)
can be pre diagnose so the operation time and the recovery time
can be reduced by analyzing the surgical method scientifically.

It is difficult to have an accurate diagnosis through existing
2D (such as panorama, X-Rays), because it shows the face as flat view.

‘ Scientific analysis’ and ‘complex treatment’ influence the results
An accurate diagnose
by 3D scanning

Correction through an artificial implant
When the symptom is not so severe, we can extend the size of
chin or relocate it by using goretex, silicone implants
A receding chin - Implant
Make 2-3 cm of incision on the tip of chin.
Lift the periosteum and make a space for the implant, inserting it and then fix.
Suture the incision part with absolvable threads.

Correction through autologous fat
Extracting unnecessary fat from thighs, hips, tummy and etc, and delicately implanting them on the
short chin area through many layers. Fat injection can lead body shape correction and raise the
engraftment ate. This method helps the sustainability and effect grow higher.
Pure autologous fat
Extract unnecessary fat from thighs, hips, and tummy then extract pure fat.
Transplant the fat on the tip of chin by injection.

Cut, move forward, and correct
This method is to correct the chin bone which placed backward and then move it forward.
It can be adjusted by the cutting degree to make the shape look natural.
When the chin moves forward,the length from neck to the chin get longer so you can
expect better neck line. It also releases tension because
it will be easier to close mouth.
Receding Chin- Bone cutting
Make 2-3 cm of incision on the short chin
Lift the periosteum and expose the tip then cut according to the personally designed fracture line.
After the fracture, take off the lower piece of the bone about the amount for moving forward.
Fix the piece and suture the fracturing par with absolvable threads.

A Receding chin – Bone cutting : difference
A receding chin–implant:small difference in chin line
A receding chin–Bone cutting:big difference

Grand’s two jaw surgery / facial contouring surgery offers 1:1 customer care
with comfortable treatment and postoperative care by systematically accurate collaborative
system and composition of medical professionals
GRAND Two Jaw/ Facial Contouring Collaborative System
 Plastic Surgery
 Oral Surgery
 Facial Contouring
 Specialist Anesthesia
 Team Internist

 Post Surgery Treatment
 with an exclusive supervision
Surgery plan, treatment and aftercare system by two jaw/ facial contouring surgery specialist
Collaborative system for two jaw surgery, protruding mouth surgery and orthognathic surgery
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Jaw / Facial Contouring Specialist "Exclusive Supervision Post-Surgery System"
Emergency ManagementAnesthesia SpecialistSterilized System

Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)
in case of local black out
Defibrillator that controls heartbeat
Emergency cart to prepare
for emergency
We have equipment and skills to react
swiftly and accurately on emergency
situation that might happen during
two jaw / facial contouring surgery.
Anesthesiologists intensively
checks each patient’s heart beat
and breathing condition
Established with thorough disinfectant
system with most advanced various
sterilizer and sterilant for safe
and clean surgery and treatment

Grand’s Receding Chin
correction surgical plan It deals
with the main structure of
one’s face(facial contour) so
it is different from that of the
existing eyes or nose surgery.
It makes more clear and
refreshed image,
thus an ‘image Surgery’
It is like other facial contouring
surgeries, the outline of face
would have overall change so
it must be designed by
considering the whole image
and visual effec around nose
and visual effect around the
nose and lips which might be
accompanied with the surgery.
We take medical photographs
and the whole facial x-rays
1 week prior to the surgery
to plan the outcome of the
Surgery Precisely.
The systematic
‘surgery plan system’
offer you to have delicate
beauty that can not be
compared to surgeries that
are performed just with
surgeon’s own senses

 After care is also important after facial contouring 
After the surgery, taking soft food and thin rice gruel, after 6 hours is recommended.
A simple shower is possible after 7 days.
(Don’t soak the surgery part with water or staying in the hot temperature place for a long time)
After surgery, Swelling and bruising occur depends on individual difference,
avoid laying on stomach or band your head, using of 2-3 puffy pillows when you sleep is
recommended to help to subside swelling and bruising.
After surgery, do not lift up arms more than 90 degree
also avoid carrying or lifting heavy stuffs or any motions which can burden on arms for a week.
After surgery, doing light such as jogging is no problem,
but avoid breast weighting which could be cause of the implant transformation.
After surgery, drinking alcohol and smoking could delay the
healing of wounds. If unavoidable, it’s available after 3-4 weeks.
After surgery, avoid having strong impacts during the recovery period.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*