Upper Epicanthoplasty

Lateral Canthoplasty can solve this problem and horizontally lengthen the shape of your eyes.

Before/After 3 months

Why, Grand’s Upper Epicanthoplasty?
Eye Surgery
Upper Epicanthoplasty solves stuffy image or thin, sharp eyes of a patient with a severe skin
covered with Mongolian folds, and especially Grand’s Epicanthoplasty makes effect of eyes
look bigger by exposing eyes of inner corner that was covered by skin.

Not inner, but upper! Incise upper 45 degrees ‘upper epicanthoplasty’

Most Asian’s inner corner of eyes starts from the lower part,
which could make the eyes look sharp and inwarded.

 Grand’s Plastic Surgery 

 Upper Epicanthoplasty is? 

It can be applied to narrowed glabella, and doesn’t make it more narrowed.
It gives a bright looking image because the eyes
of inner corner got verticall bigger.
Eyes change to a soft image because the shape
of a hawk’s talon has improved. You can have natural and bright eyes
without making double eyelids too thick.
Even though in case of having Mongolian folds and magic epicanthoplasty
is impossible, natural expansion of inner corner is possible.
Designed after analyzing the general shape of face
and the skin and shape of the nose and eyes.
The burden of scars, bruises are down,
satisfaction of the design is high, it is a customized eye surgery.

Surgical procedure of Upper Epicanthoplasty
Eye Surgery
Grand’s Upper Epicanthoplasty removes skin of Mongolian folds to upward to reveal eyes
that was covered with skin of inner corner and reveal double eyelids to change eyes distinct and bright.

Plastic surgeon designs the
suitable shape on the eyes.
Not inner corner but incise
upward to 45 degrees.
Remove excessive skin
around the Mongolian folds
with tiny incisions.
Natural and beautiful eye
are completed.

You can have dramatic and satisfied results by having additional surgeries as double eyelids surgery,
lateral epicanthoplasty, and magic epicanthoplasty, depending on the condition of the eyes.

Then, who needs Upper Epicanthoplasty?
Eye Surgery

Stuffy image
of narrowed
Have fierce
looking eyes
Stuffy image
of short widths
of the eyes
In case of when
Mongolian folds
are connected
to lower eyelids
Want to have
out folded
double eyelids

 After care is also important after eye surgery 

It is advised to use ice pack right after the surgery until swelling goes down
After the surgery, swellings or bruises could occur depending on the conditionand avoid
bending head down or lying on the stomach.
Sleeping with 2-3 pillows under the head will help with subsiding pain
When tear drops are coming out, it is advice not to scratch your eyes,
closing eyes too hard.
After the surgery, you should avoid drinking or smoking for 2~3 weeks.
Contact lenses are to be worn after 3 weeks.
Simple eye makes can be done 2 weeks after the surgery,
and cosmetic fake lashes should be used after 1 month
Sauna or hot spring should be avoided for 2~3 weeks

Every patient has swelling after the surgery,
however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*