Two-Jaw Surgery

Two-Jaw Surgery

Two-Jaw Surgery

What is Two Jaw Surgery?
Two-jaw surgery
Two jaw surgery is a jaw corrective surgery by fracturing upper jaw and lower jaw when position or function of jaw is abnormal due to abnormality of jaw bone causing lantern jaw, protruding mouth and facial asymmetry. For those who need two jaw surgery usually have facial contouring problem with teeth problem at the same time in general, in such case, combination of maloclussion, abnormal chewing and speaking function and temporomandibular disability occurs.
Two jaw surgery not only corrects functional improvement for temporomandibular disability and occlusion, it also makes overall face contour beautiful which also gives aesthetical improvement.
Moving lower jaw surgery makes incision inside the mouth and there are two different methods for osteotomy which are SSRO (Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy) and IVRO (Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy). IVRO is used for lantern jaw and does not strain temporomadibular joint which is more advantageous for people with temporomandibular joint disability. SSRO is more popular and reduces burden of intermaxillary fixation and physical treatment due to advantageous of initial stability.

 · Advantage

· Stable healing is possible due to wide contact
  surface between bone
· Intermaxillary fixation period is shorter
· Early function of lower jaw bone is possible
· Only SSRO is possible for short chin correction
· Shape of chin bone can be created in the beginning

 · Disadvantage

· Complete fixation can strain temporomandibular joint
· Possibility of nerve damage due to separating lower
  jaw bone into two pins where nerves are
· Operation hour is longer than IVRO
· Full recovery of lower jaw could be slower than IVRO

 · Advantage

· No strain on joint with no wire, temporomandibular
  area can be freely located therefore temporomandibular
  disease and illness can be reduced
· Surgery is performed at the back where nerves are
  on the lower jaw, which greatly reduces possibility
  of nerve damage
· Fast recovery is possible due to shorter operation hour
  compared to SSRO
· Only SSRO is possible for short chin correction
· Initial physical treatment period is required, however,
  full function recovery of lower jaw is faster than SSRO
  due to no strain on temporomandibular joint

 · Disadvantage

· Mouth needs to be tied together for 2 weeks for lower
  jaw bone stability due to no fixation
· Overlapped bone at the back can be felt in the beginning
· This method cannot be performed for patients which
  weak chin

Why Grand’s Two Jaw Surgery?
Two-jaw surgery
Grand’s Two Jaw Surgery moves bone back and forth, up and down or rotate so skin at the end of chin, cheeks, lips, and nasal tip moves together. Location of jaw bone itself will be moved to an ideal location for most natural and beautiful face.

Aesthetic effect
of plastic surgery
functional effect
of oral surgery

Grand tries to higher satisfaction for both functional and beauty for diagnose and treatment of
temporomandibular related disease by specialized surgeon before and after two jaw surgery.

What is Grand’s Two Jaw Surgery?
Two-jaw surgery

Micro-angle adjustment
Angle adjustment is possible for upper and
lower jaw with micro angle adjustment

Adjustment of location
Adjustment of location for upper and
lower jaw’s protrusion and recession

Reduction effect of face
The width of the front face is reduced,
expectation of slim face is increased

Accurate teeth
Adjustment of the upper and lower
teeth alignment is possible

‘State-of-the-art technology’ Grand’s Facial Contouring Surgery
Realizing beautiful face line by accurate measurement

 Using 3D CT! 
 Realizing beautiful face line by accurate

Scientific analyzation as well as shortening recovery time by minimizing operation time is possible due to diagnosis complications (paresthesia due to nerve damage, excessive bleeding during the surgery due to abnormal anatomical structure, definite diagnosis to check if free airway is difficult during general anesthesia, prediction of free airway after the surgery) in advance.

It is difficult for an accurate diagnosis with existing 2D (panorama, X-ray) system due to an error by showing three dimensional face to flatways.
‘Scientific Diagnosis’ and ‘Complex Therapy’ influence surgery result.

Accurate Analysis
through 3D CT scan

Who need Two Jaw Surgery?
Two-jaw surgery

Those who have
long face
Those who have
facial asymmetry
with unbalanced
left and right
Those who didn’t
see much
improvement with
existing protruding
mouth surgery
Those who have
lantern jaw
with maloclussion

Those whose gum
is exposed
too much
when smiling
Those whose center
line of upper
jaw teeth
do not fit
Those who have
ideal eyes and
nose but not

After Two Jaw Surgery?
Two-jaw surgery
The purpose for maloclussion treatment is not just for aesthetical reason, but also to recover masticatory function for an accurate pronunciation for functional role as well. Especially for skeletal maloclussion, two jaw surgery is required in order to achieve certainty effect functionally and esthetically by changing shape of jaw bone.

1day after surgery
∙ Drainage inside the mouth will be maintained until the
  second day of surgery
∙ Taking thin rice gruel & watery porridge & juice is possible
  though intake of regular food would be uncomfortable due to
  swelling, wound and drainage inside the mouth
∙ Continously apply ice pack in the hospital

3day after surgery
∙ Discharge from a hospital after taking after surgery
  3D CT scan
∙ Wear wafer & Taking regular food is possible as
  jaw bone is not fixed

5-6days after surgery
∙ Change to warm pack and taking regular food such
  as porridge, steamed egg, tofu except solid food

2day after surgery
∙ Removal of drainage inside the mouth/ check up of
  wound inside the mouth and teeth condition
  by oral surgeon
∙ Usage of ice pack and taking soft food to not strain
  jaw is possible

4days after surgery
∙ Continuous using ice pack is required due to facial
  swelling up to 4 days after surgery similarly as
  jaw and cheekbone surgery

7days after surgery
∙ Gargle to care wound inside mouth alike facial
  contouring surgery
∙ Moderate exercise (light walking) is recommended to
  help reduce swelling
∙ May return back to work after one week, though
  there will be some swelling

 After care is also important after Two Jaw Surgery!  

It is advised to use ice pack right after the surgery until swelling goes down.
Fasting for a day after the surgery and taking soft food (thin rice gruel, juice, milk and drinkable liquid food) is recommended.
Taking normal food is possible 2 weeks after the surgery, however, cut side dishes into pieces and eat solid food 4 weeks after the surgery.
Wear compression band for 3-4 days after the surgery and avoid bending head down or lying on the stomach. Sleeping with 2-3 pillows under the head will help with subsiding pain.
Gargle to keep clean inside the mouth after taking meal in order to prevent inflammation and infection inside the mouth.
Smoking and drinking will slow down healing wound. If unavoidable, they are possible 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
Going through heavy shock should be avoided.
Swelling after the surgery occurs to everybody, it differs depending on each individual’s constitution.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*