Two jaw re-surgery

Two jaw re-surgery
Before > After 3 months

What is Two Jaw Surgery Revision?
Facial contouring surgery
If the previous two jaw surgery is not satisfactory or problematic functionally, revision surgery is needed

For revision surgery, the cause of problem for the primary surgery has to be analyzed accurately.
Therefore, facial contouring doctor rich in the experience
has to perform the revision surgery to prevent further revision surgery.
An accurate diagnose
by 3D CT scanning
Through collaboration between plastic surgeon and
maxillofacial surgeon, safe two jaw revision surgery and beautiful outcome is possible at Grand

Oral and
Two-jaw Revision

At Grand, professional medical doctors diagnose jaw bone
related conditions before and after the surgery and treat the area.
This increases the aesthetic satisfaction and fulfills the aesthetic
and functional needs at the same time.

Grand performs Two-Jaw Surgery Revision surgery using laser.
By using water and laser, heat damage and vibration is minimized.
This allows smooth cutting of the bone during facial contouring surgeries.

 01| Less damage to bone compared to cutting it with saw. 
 Laser helps bone cells to regenerate so that
 the bone after surgery can heal quickly. 
 03| Less damage to nearby tissue, soft tissue and cells. 
 04| Less bleeding. 
 05| Surgery procedure is safe. 

Why Grand’s Two-Jaw Revision Surgery?
Facial contouring surgery
satisfaction ▲
Expert and
know how
in re-surgery ▲
3D CT scan
and aesthetic
result ▲
Careful post
care system

Increase satisfaction with accurate analysis of cause.
The high quality of result comes from performing surgery after analyzing the problem of the
primary surgery to determine whether it can be improved with the revision surgery.

Rich experience and know-how of revision surgery
We improve the satisfaction of the surgery with a lot of experience of two-jaw
revision surgery and our rich know-how to each individual’s type.

High-tech equipment for Two-jaw surgery
The revision surgery is operated after expecting satisfactory results by checking the patient's
changed condition after the primary surgery through a simulation. Two-jaw surgery
should be done by skilled specialist because two-jaw surgery needs many incisions of facial bones,
nerves and blood vessels, etc. Grand considers the safety as the top priority in surgery as grand
accurately analyzes the face through 3D-scan to minimize damage to nerves and cut bones safely.

Oral surgery's functional effect + Plastic surgery's aesthetic effect
Grand solves the functional problems such as obstruction of chewing food function due to
malocclusion and the pains of jaw, and plastic surgeons perform surgery,
considering the harmonious aesthetic effect of the overall face.

Post-operative treatment and recovery system
Grand tries to shorten the recovery period and minimize the discomfort of daily life
through post-operative treatment that relieves pain and swelling after two-jaw revision surgery.

Advantage of Grand’s Two Jaw Revision Surgery
Facial contouring surgery
Micro-angle adjustment ▼
Adjustment of location ▼

Angle adjustment is possible for upper and
lower jaw with micro angle adjustment
Adjustment of location for upper and
lower jaw’s protrusion and recession

Reduction of the wide
with of the face into a slim face
Adjustment of the upper and
lower teeth alignment is possible

Reduction of big face size ▼
Accurate teeth alignment ▼

Through accurate measurement using
3D CT scan, we complete beautiful facial line.
The complication which can occur during the surgery
or due to patient’s personal anatomical difference
(such as numbness from nerve damages, excessive bleeding
from abnormal anatomical structure, verification of whether
or not it is possible to make free airway during general anesthesia)
can be pre diagnose so the operation time and the recovery time
can be reduced by analyzing the surgical method scientifically.
It is difficult to have an accurate diagnosis through existing
2D (such as panorama, X-Rays),
because it shows the face as flat view.

‘Scientific analysis’ and ‘systematic post-op treatment’
influence the surgical outcome.

Two-Jaw Revision Surgery Method
Facial contouring surgery
Two-jaw surgery is performed through the incision inside the mouth and there are two methods of
two jaw revision surgery: SSRO, Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy and IVRO, Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy.
IVRO is useful for those have the problem of jaw-joint because it does not give pressure to the jaw points
and is used for lantern jaw surgery.
SSRO is the most popular and has the advantage of safety
that reduces the burden of intermaxillary fixation and physical treatment.

 ● Advantage
 ● Advantage

∙ Stable healing is possible due to wide
  contact surface between bone
∙ Intermaxillary fixation period is shorter
∙ Early function of lower jaw bone is possible
∙ Only SSRO is possible for short chin correction
∙ Shape of chin bone can be created in the beginning
∙ No strain on joint with no wire, temporomandibular
  area can be freely located therefore temporomandibular
  disease cand illness can be reduced
∙ Surgery is performed at the back where nerves
  are on the lower jaw, which greatly
  reduces possibility of nerve damage
∙ Fast recovery is possible due
  to shorter operation hour compared to SSRO
∙ Initial physical treatment period is required,however,
  full function recovery of lower jaw is faster than
  SSRO due to no strain on temporomandibular joint
∙ Fixating pin on the surgery area
  is not visible on during radiology treatment

 ● Disadvantage
 ● Disadvantage

∙ Complete fixation can strain temporomandibular joint
∙ Possibility of nerve damage due to separating lower
  jaw bone into two pins where nerves are
∙ Operation hour is longer than IVRO
∙ Full recovery of lower jaw could be slower than IVRO
∙ Mouth needs to be tied together for 2 weeks
  for lower jaw bone stability due to no fixation
∙ Overlapped bone at the back can be felt in the beginning
∙ This method cannot be performed
  for patients which weak chin

Grand’s medical professional collaborative system
Facial contouring surgery
Grand’s two jaw surgery/facial contouring surgery offers 1:1 customer care
with comfortable treatment and postoperative care by systematicall
accurate collaborative system and composition of medical professionals
Grand’s Facial Contouring Center Collaborative System

 Plastic Surgery
 Oral Surgery
 Facial Contouring
 Specialist Anesthesia
 Team Internist

 Post Surgery Treatment
 with an exclusive supervision
Surgery plan, treatment and aftercare system by two jaw/ facial contouring surgery specialist
Collaborative system for two jaw surgery, protruding mouth surgery and orthognathic surgery
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Jaw / Facial Contouring Specialist "Exclusive Supervision Post-Surgery System"
Emergency ManagementIntensive Treatment CenterAnesthesia SpecialistSterilized System

Self generated electricity system
in case of local blackout (UPS)
Defibrillator that controls heartbeat
Emergency cart to prepare
for emergency
We have an equipment and skill
to react swiftly and accurately on
emergency situation that might
happen during a jaw / facial
contouring surgery.
After the surgery, to get
ready for any emergency
that migh happen,
the patients were being
treated in an intensive
treatment center.
The anesthesia specialist
concentrates to
check up on patient’s
heartbeat and
respiration condition.
To provide a safe and
clean surgery and
treatment, we make
use of high tech
sanitize and sterilizer
to had a thorough
sterilized system.

Who would need Two Jaw Surgery Revision?
Facial contouring surgery
Those left with
barely noticeable
improvement due
to minor receding
of the frontal
chin bone
Those who have
not so smooth
chin line
Those who have
remaining angle
on the jaw
Those who have
uneven removal
of bone and left
with asymmetry
Careful post
care system

After Grand’s Two Jaw Surgery?
Facial contouring surgery
1day after surgery

2day after surgery

3day after surgery

-Drainage inside the mouth will be maint
  ained until the second day of surgery
-Taking thin rice gruel & watery porridge
  & juice is possible though intake of regular
  food would be uncomfortable due to swelling
  wound and drainage inside the mouth
-Continously apply ice pack in the hospital
-Removal of drainage inside the
  mouth/check up of wound inside the
  mouth and teeth condition by oral surgeon
-Usage of ice pack and taking
  soft food to not strain jaw is possible
-Discharge from a hospital afte
  taking after surgery 3D CT scan
-Wear wafer & Taking regular food is
  possible as jaw bone is not fixed

7day after surgery

5-6day after surgery

4day after surgery

-Gargle to care wound inside mouth
  alike facial contouring surgery
-Moderate exercise (light walking) is
  recommended to help
  reduce swelling
-May return back to work after one week
  though there will be some swelling
-Change to warm pack and taking
  regular food such as porridge,
  steamed egg, tofu except solid food
-Continuous using ice pack is
  required due to facial swelling up to
  4 days after surgery similarly
  as jaw and cheekbone surgery

 After care is also important after facial contouring 

It is advised to use ice pack right after the surgery until swelling goes down.
Fasting for a day after the surgery and taking soft food
(thin rice gruel, juice, milk and drinkable liquid food) is recommended.
Taking normal food is possible 2 weeks after the surgery, however,
cut side dishes into pieces and eat solid food 4 weeks after the surgery.
Wear compression band for 3-4 days after the surgery and avoid bending head down or lying on the stomach. Sleepingwith 2-3 pillows under the head will help with subsiding pain.
Gargle to keep clean inside the mouth after taking meal in order to prevent inflammation
and infection inside the mouth.
Smoking and drinking will slow down healing wound. If unavoidable,
they are possible 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
Going through heavy shock should be avoided Every patient has swelling after the surgery,
however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition

Every patient has swelling after the surgery,
however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*