What is Square jaw behind the ears?
Existing square jaw surgeries are performed after the general anesthesia, and through incision inside the mouth to excise square jaw or to grind the bone to correct the developed jaw.
However, Square jaw behind the ears is a technique to excise along the bone according to each person’s shape of the bone, and it is simpler than the operation performed through inside the mouth, it leaves almost no scars, a square jaw surgery with less pain, and you can just go to work on Monday morning if you have it done on Friday.

‘even though it is a square jaw surgery, less complex and the recovery is fast?’
‘Grand Square jaw behind the ears’
- It can be effective for angled jaw from profile view and for the
  developed jaw.
- It can be done with local anesthesia than general anesthesia.
- The incision line is covered by the fold of ears so the scars are
  almost unnoticeable from outside.
- You can go to work on Monday morning if you have it done on
  Friday, so it has a short period of recovery time which you can
  remain the daily routine soon.

General square jawGrand square jaw behind the ears
incisionIncisions inside the mouthIncision is made 1~2cm
behind the ears
Duration of operation1~2 hours30 minutes
Recovery time after
the surgery
7~10 days1~2 days depending
on each person
Swelling after
the surgery
Swellings can occur 2 days
after the surgery
Less swellings

The result of surgeryIt is very effectiveProfile view is distinct,
and short period of operation,
recovery is the advantage.

At Grand, we use laser to correct square jaw surgery.
Since we use water and laser to cut down the chin and jaw, the damage to bone is minimized.

 Less damage to bone compared to cutting
 it with medical saw blade. 
 Laser helps bone cells to regenerate so
 that the bone after surgery can heal quickly. 
 03| Less damage to nearby tissue, soft tissues and cells. 
 04| Less bleeding 
 05| Surgery procedure is safe. 

Why square jaw behind the ears?
Accurate face structure
checkup via 3D
Make excisions on
the square jaw after
Short period of
surgery time, swellings
and pain is down
Square jaw behing
the ears is safe

Square jaw is excised after checing it with the eyes
the surgeon accurately excises the measured amount of bne, after checking it with the eyes.

Short period of surgeyr time, swellings and pain is donw
Square jaw behnd the ears doesn’t make the incision inside the mouth, and the blood or saline
cannot go into the mouht, so it is possible to make free airway, the duration of surgery is
short so it can be done by local anesthesia and sleep anesthsia.

Safe square jaw behing the ears surgery
Grand square jaw behind the ears is an operation that excises facial bone which is full
of many nerves and veins so the surgery must be done by an experienced surgeon,
Grand accurately analyzes face with 3D, and take priority to cut out the bone without
touching any nerves, so complex operation is possible to perform safely.

Systematic post-surgery treatment system
In Grand, the recovery time is short because there is a post-surgery care system after
mini-v line surgery to reduce pain and swellings.

Through an accurate 3D CT scanning, a beautiful face contour is created.
As each patients has different anatomical structure it might cause
different complications during surgery (nerve damage which might
cause paresthesia,abnormal anatomical structure which cause excessive
bleeding, a respiratory failure which might happen during full
anesthesia, difficulties on respiratory after the surgery etc)
has been check-up before hand, it’ not only a matter of discussing
the surgery method scientifically but also about having a shorter
surgery time to reduce the recovery time as well.

Check up using the most common 2D(panorama, W-ray etc)
system, to get a check up on a 3D face through a flat picture
might cause error and it might be hard to get a detailed check-up

For a more
accurate diagnosis
3D CT scanning is used

The Surgical mehtod of Square Jaw behind the ears
The most important advantage is that there is less discomfort and recovery is fast after the surgery, because the surgery is performed through a small hole under the ear without passing through the mouth.

However, the surgical method of square jaw behind the ears can be used only when the shape of the jaw is ideal, and if the overall problem of the mandible is present, the result may be very limited.

Designed by a plastic surgeon
and make 1-2 cm incision
in the back of the ear.

Eliminates curved square jaw bones
according to individual bone shape.

Completes a slender v-line shape.

Grand’s facial contouring specialist and collaborative system
In Grnad facial contouring center we have a specialized systematic and accurate collaborative system
composed of specialist in several areas to match each individual best checkup and treatment,
to that each of them can have the safety post surgery treatment and simple approach system.
Grand’s Facial Contouring Center Collaborative System
 Plastic Surgery
 Oral Surgery
 Facial Contouring
 Specialist Anesthesia
 Team Internist

 Post Surgery Treatment
 with an exclusive supervision
Surgery plan, treatment and aftercare system by two jaw/ facial contouring surgery specialist
Collaborative system for two jaw surgery, protruding mouth surgery and orthognathic surgery
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Jaw / Facial Contouring Specialist “Exclusive Supervision Post-Surgery System”
Emergency ManagementIntensive Treatment CenterAnesthesia SpecialistSterilized System

Self generated electricity system
in case of local blackout (UPS)
Defibrillator that controls heartbeat
Emergency cart to prepare
for emergency
We have an equipment and skill
to react swiftly and accurately on
emergency situation that might
happen during a jaw / facial
contouring surgery.
After the surgery, to get
ready for any emergency
that migh happen,
the patients were being
treated in an intensive
treatment center.
The anesthesia specialist
concentrates to
check up on patient’s
heartbeat and
respiration condition.
To provide a safe and
clean surgery and
treatment, we make
use of high tech
sanitize and sterilizer
to had a thorough
sterilized system.

Who need square jaw behind the ears?
degree of square jaw is
not too developed
lower jaw line is
too developed
don’t have enough
time for square
jaw reduction
scare of general

Grand’s Square jaw behind the ears

Square jaw behind the ears is
different from the existing eye
surgery or rhinoplasty and
it is an image surgery which
reshapes the tip of the chin
to have the facial contouring
to make the stuffy image to a
bright and clear image.

Square jaw behind the ears is
same as other facial contouring
surgery which changes the
general line of the face, so
the surgery must be planned
considering the general face
image of the visual effect
around the nose and mouth.

Medical photos and an x-ray
of the whole face is taken
one week before the surgery,
so the result is minutely

This kind of ‘planned surgery
system’ gives the beauty which
cannot be compared to other
hospitals which performs
operation with only surgeon’s
hunch and sense.

 After care is also important after facial contouring 

It is advised to use ice pack right after the surgery until swelling goes down.
Fasting for a day after the surgery and taking soft food
(thin rice gruel, juice, milk and drinkable liquid food) is recommended.
Taking normal food is possible 2 weeks after the surgery, however,
cut side dishes into pieces and eat solid food 4 weeks after the surgery.
Wear compression band for 3-4 days after the surgery and avoid bending head down or
lying on the stomach. Sleepingwith 2-3 pillows under the head will help with subsiding pain.
Gargle to keep clean inside the mouth after taking meal in order to prevent inflammation
and infection inside the mouth.
Smoking and drinking will slow down healing wound. If unavoidable,
they are possible 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
Going through heavy shock should be avoided.
Swelling after the surgery occurs to everybody, it differs depending on each individual’s constitution.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*