Preoperative comprehensive health examination
Preoperative comprehensive health checkup is performed at
Grand for patient’s safe operation preparation.

Thorough examination of 50 checklists including 3D-CT, accurate analysis and diagnosis determines whether the surgery can be performed or not.

Comprehensive health checkup details

  • X-ray examination

    The shape of the facial bones and dental occlusion are examined

  • 3D-CT scan

    The location of the nerves, possible complications during the surgery are prediagnosed

  • Chest X-Ray

    Lung and heart-related diseases are diagnosed

  • TMJ (jaw joint) test

    Location and deformation of jaw joint are checked

  • ECG test

    The condition of the heart and pulse and heart diseases are examined

  • InBody test

    Height, weight, muscle mass, etc. are checked to know the precise body composition.

  • Blood pressure test

    Blood pressure is checked and measured before the surgery

  • Pulmonary function test

    Normal lung function is checked though respiratory function test

  • Nasal respiration test

    With the T-test nasal flow that can maintain the respiration is checked

  • Cardiac function test

    By checking cardiac muscle enzyme levels heart disease can be predicted in advance

  • Liver, biliary disease test


  • Hepatitis test

    HBsAg/HBsAb/HCV Ab

  • Kidney disease test


  • Lipid-related test


  • Diabetes-related test


  • Basic metabolic panel(BMP) test


  • Anemia test


  • Blood type, blood transfusion test

    ABO type/Rh type

  • Blood test

    WBC(white blood cell)/RBC(red blood cell)/Hemoglobin/MCV/MCH/MCHC/
    Basophil/Metamyelocyte/Myelocyte/Blast cell/Immature Cell

  • Blood coagulation test

    Prothrombin Time(s)/Prothrombin Time(%)/APTT

  • Venereal, infectious disease test

    PRP(akurat)/HIV Ag/Ab

  • Thyroid function test


  • Nutrition-related examination


Comprehensive health checkup process

Grand Plastic Surgery’s comprehensive health checkup that
allows ‘accurate surgery’ at the ‘best condition’.

Accurate health check-up results based on using high-tech machinery, imaging, medical equipment, etc detects individual’s anatomical differences for patients and complications that
may arise during surgery.
Pre-diagnosis enables scientific analysis and complex treatment

Anesthesiologist monitors the patient’s heartbeat, and breathing during operation

For safe operation and clean treatment, systematic disinfection system is established with high-temperature, high-pressure sterilizer, and air purifier.

Emergency equiptments such as AED heart defibrillator, UPS self-energizing system, emergency cart, etc are equipped to response rapidly in the case of emergency

Wall Care and Nurse Call are installed to allow care service from dedicated nursing team
when needed.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*