S Line on Lower Eyelids

Eye shape which gives younger looking is the eyes with the double eyelids and also the S line on lower eyelid.
‘ S line on lower eyelid‘ is the line under the eye which is from inner corner of the eye and to the lateral corner that forms
an alphabet S shaped line and it is a celebrity eye surgery that is more prominent
when the lateral eye is little lowered and love band is on lower eyelid.
‘A basic celebrity’s half moon shaped eye surgery!’
Black eyeball is shown clear and S line on lower eyelid is soft!
Grand’s S line on lower eyelid not only makes soft and big eyes
But eyeball is clearly shown in case of it is covered with the upper eyelid,
So it helps to make big and bright eyes.
It strengthens the muscles on lower eyelid to pull down.
The length of eye looks clearly longer because it makes lateral lower eyelid to go down 3mm more.
It balances the ideal rate of the eyes so natural eye shapes can be created after the surgery.
The lateral eye shape or the height can be adjusted according to the face image.
Design is made after analyzing the general shape of face, nose, and skin and shapes around the eyes.
If the eye surgery is progressed with the double eyelid, the burden of double eyelids are ▼ Satisfaction of the design is ▲ It is a customized eye surgery

You can have dramatic and satisfied results by having additional surgeries as double eyelids surgery and Magic Epicanthoplasty, depending on the condition of your eyes.


Post care of S line under the eye is important!

After the surgery, apply icepack at least 2~3 days, and after 1 week,
apply icepack in the morning and apply warm pack all through the afternoon.
After the surgery, you should avoid drinking or smoking for 2~3 weeks.
Contact lenses should be not worn for 2 weeks.
Cosmetic lashes could be used after 1 month.
Sauna or hot springs should be avoided for 2~3 weeks.

Swelling occurs differently for everyone depends on each person’s type.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*