Rhinoplsty for Thin Skin

Safely heighten the nose bridge be satisfied
Safely heighten the nose bridge be satisfied
Normally when heighten the nosebridge, generally implants are used for rhinoplasty,
But for many Asians, this kind of operation is not appropriate
whose nose is small and low and also has thin skin.
Also, the skin of the nose gets thinner from many revision
surgeries and the implant could be seen through the skin,
but with Grand’s Rhinoplasty for thin skin,
you don’t have to worry about implants to be seen and /dd>
desired shape of nose can be created.<
Using fascia makes no irregularities but makes a gentle and slick line of the nose.
In case of thin skin due to silicone material the thickness of skin can be corrected for the case of thin skin
from previous surgery with silicone implant.
If operated with the autologus cartilage, the nosebridge can be clearly get heighten so the satisfaction gets higher.
Design with considering the natural curvy line connected from the forehead.
Design the ideal angle and height of the nose that is well matched to your face.

‘Temporal fascia’ which is effective for the nose with thin skin

Temporal fascia is not cartilage but it is thick fascia that is covering the temporal area.
it is durable and also suitable to make the shape.
It is not hard as cartilage but soft and thick.
It is used when the skin of nose tip is thin or the implants are to be seen after the surgery, or when making the round nose tip.

Dramatic and satisfied results you can get if operated with additional surgeries as Nasal Tip Sculpture, Nasal Bone Implant or Alar Reduction depends on your condition.

Safely heighten the nose bridge be satisfied
Bridge of the nose: uses artificial silicon or Gore-TexTip of the nose: uses cartilage of nasal septum, cartilage of ears.
After the surgery, if nosebleed for one or two days, wipe it with clean tissues.After the surgery, fixed with the tape until it is settled. (don’t take it off voluntarily)After the surgery, not to blow nose harsh, and it is better to wear glasses or sunglasses for a month.Tape is removed after 5 days, and stitches are removed after 7 days.Swelling on the bridge of nose will subside in about a week.Minor swelling remains on glabella and on tip of the nose, and it heal differently depending on each person’s type.

Swollen after the surgery applies to all, but it depends on each person’s type.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*