Reductive Rhinoplasty

 Reductive Rhinoplasty before & after
Too small nose doesn’t look good Nasal Bone Implant, tip-plasty is operated,
But too big nose could give off a too strong and stubborn impression.
Grand’s Reductive Rhinoplasty gathers nasal bone into middle
with suitable size and width to make a distinct and slim nose bridge.

‘heighten only the nose bridge when the nose is wide’

If heighten the nose bridge for the wide nose, then it is not balanced
with the face structure and gives off a hard and bulbous impression,
so it is important to find the suitable thickness and curves of the nose bridge.
The result is natural because it makes Nose Bridge similar to the widths of philtrum,
and nose thickness is balanced to the face structure.
The wideness of nose can be adjusted by adjusting degree of gathering nose inward after fracture.
Even a shaded face due to bulbous nose can be three-dimentional.
Design with considering natural curvy line from the forehead.
Design the ideal angle and height of the nose that is well matched to your face.
he burden of rhinoplasty is ▼ The satisfaction of the design is ▲ It is a customized rhinoplasty.
In case of Reductive Rhinoplasty, maintaining splint is very important.
(In case of humped nose, Hump Reduction operation is combined) Fracture both side of nasal bone and make movable.
Fracture along the boundary of nasal bone through inside the notrils, gather nasal bone inward.

Dramatic and satisfied results you can get if operated with additional surgeries as Nasal Tip Sculpture, Nasal Bone Implant or Alar Reduction depends on your condition.

Bridge of the nose: uses artificial silicon or Gore-Tex

Tip of the nose: uses cartilage of nasal septum, cartilage of ears.

After the surgery, if nosebleed for one or two days, wipe it with clean tissues.
After the surgery, fixed with the tape until it is settled. (don’t take it off voluntarily)
After the surgery, not to blow nose harsh, and it is better to wear glasses or sunglasses for a month.
Tape is removed after 5 days, and stitches are removed after 7 days.
Swelling on the bridge of nose will subside in about a week.
Minor swelling remains on glabella and on tip of the nose, and it heal differently depending on each person’s type.

Swollen after the surgery applies to all, but it depends on each person’s type.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*