30 Days of Recovery

Follow-up care is essential to monitor your safe healing.

We created a Self-Care Program to help you during your recovery process.

Day 1 The 1st day after surgery

“Disinfecting the incision area"

On the next day after surgery, you will come back to the hospital to disinfect the incision area and the pressured bandage will be removed after inspecting the surgical area.
We will also check the tube of blood which is connected to the incision area.
If you feel any pain, make sure you take the prescribed medicine but no other medication and please consult with your doctor if you’re planning on taking any other medications.


Tip! The pain after surgery starts to alleviate three to four days after surgery. It’s recommended that you rest and take the prescribed painkiller if the pain is severe.




Day 3 The 3rd day after surgery

“Removing the bandage & checking the blood container”

On the 3rd day after surgery, the pressured bandage is removed and you will start to wear a corrective bra to fix the implants. This is to shape natural looking breasts and to prevent tightening by the capsule surrounding the implants.

You will have to wear the blood container for three to four days after surgery. It is to prevent capsular contracture as well as to improve feeling by removing the dead blood from the body. Check the amount of blood in the container everyday and empty it out.


Tip!You can do all your daily activities while wearing the blood container.




Day 5The 5th day after surgery

“Removing the blood container & suturing the incision area”

The blood container is removed when the color gets lighter and the amount reduces. There won’t be much pain, and the part where the container is being removed is sutured. It’s better for you to not move your arms around too much for the next of couple days.

The incision area might feel a bit itchy due to the tapping for aligning the under breast line, but make sure you don’t scratch the area since it can create scarring.


Tip! Please do not do any heavy lifting or pulling of the arms. You should also not lift your arms above 90 degrees until the stitches are removed.




Day 7The 7th day after surgery

“Start a massage! Learn to self-massage”

On the 7-10th day after surgery, the stitches and taping of folds under the bust are removed. You should be in corrective bras as suggested. You must wear the corrective bras for at least a month to prevent the implants from moving around or from changing the breast shape. You can take a shower from the day after the stitches are removed, but make sure wear a waterproof bandage or wrap the incision area.


Tip!The residue from tape removal can be wiped off by a cotton pad with cleansing oil.




Day 15The 15th day after surgerygery

“Improve your posture”

A week or two after surgery, you may start moving your arms around by doing light workouts. This will increase blood circulation around the operated area for a quicker recovery. Going for a slow walk or moving around within a range is recommended, and you may stand up, sit down, or lie down freely. However, heavy lifting or putting a large amount of pressure on the operated area should be avoided.


Tip!Heavy workouts including swimming and golfing is possible after a month from surgery, as is the sauna and hot spring.




Day 30The 30th day

“Wearing a sports bra”

A month after the surgery, we’ll check to see if the corrective bra can be removed, depending on the location of the implants and the fold under the bust. A sports bra should be worn if it’s not necessary to wear a corrective bra, or a bra that just covers your nipples.


Tip!A sports bra with no wire should be worn. The possibility of wearing a wired bra should be discussed with a doctor three months after surgery.




* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*