Protruding mouth surgery

Grand’s Protruding Mouth Surgery straightens frame after accurate 3D CT diagnosis
Before > After 3 months

What is Protruding Mouth Surgery?
Two-jaw Surgery
Protruding mouth is referred to a condition when frontal
teeth and gum is protruded compared to normal range

First, protruding mouth can be observed when upper
and lower jaw is normal but only teeth are protruded.
Second, when teeth are straight but gum
bone itself is protruded.
Last, gum bone and teeth are both protruded.
Protruding mouth can give dull
and dissatisfaction impression to others
Protruding Mouth Self Diagnosis
Mouth is always opened without being aware of it
Nasolabial folds on sides of nose are obvious
Gum is exposed too much when smiling
Lips look thick
Wrinkles are created at the end of the chin and lips and chin area looks unnatural when mouth is closed
Nose looks lower than actual height of chin looks smaller
Chin looks receding
Lips look protruded even after rhinoplasty and weak chin correction

Protruding Mouth Self Diagnosis

Protruding mouth with normal chin
Protruding mouth with weak chin
Protruding mouth with long chin

Protruding mouth surgery can be
done after simple teeth extraction
Two jaw surgery is necessary since
protrusion degree is different
for upper and lower teeth
Usually protrusion is not so severe,
face will look longer when long face
is not corrected at the same time

Two Jaw/Facial Contouring Surgery is Grand

Solve a problem that takes more than 2 years with orthodontics, at once with surgery
There are many cases for Asians when gum bone itself is more protruded than teeth that causes protruding mouth
In such case, protruding mouth cannot be effectively corrected only with orthodontics
In case for gum bone protrusion, osteotomy to push back protruded gum bone will be performed and in case of complex case,
two jaw surgery will be performed to shorten treatment period
What if only orthodontic is done?
There won’t be much difference in frame and bone,
only the teeth will be pushed back which can lead to even worse appearance due to wrong and abnormal pushing of teeth.
Grand performs two jaw surgery using laser
Facial contouring operation can be done without heating damage
and vibration to gently cut bone using water and laser.

 01| Less damage to bone compared to cutting it with saw. 
 Laser helps bone cells to regenerate so that
 the bone after surgery can heal quickly. 
 03| Less damage to nearby tissue, soft tissue and cells. 
 04| Less bleeding. 
 05| Surgery procedure is safe. 

Why Grand's Protruding Mouth Surgery
Two-jaw Surgery

face diagnosis
with 3D
Excision with
delicate and
three dimensional
face line

Increased functional + aesthetical effect ▲
· In order to achieve beset result for protruding mouth surgery, both functional part for occlusion
  as well as aesthetical part should be considered at the same time
· Aesthetic problem is solved by plastic surgeons and functional problems such as
  temporomandibular pain and chewing trouble will be solved by orthodontist

Protruding mouth surgery with safe two jaw surgery
Protruding mouth surgery with two jaw surgery is a surgery to fracture face bone where various
nerves and blood vessels are, therefore, experienced skilled specialist should perform this surgery.
Grand accurately analyzes face with 3D and takes priority to cut
without touching nerves, therefore, safe surgery is even possible for advanced surgery.

Protruding mouth>transformation to three dimensional small face
Three dimensional face line can be achieved with not only correcting mouth area to face line,
but also with change in structure as well as reduction

No Minor Effect
· Balanced reductive effect can be expected due to overall face reduction as well as shape change
· Result and satisfaction rate is high by performing surgery
  considering overall face as a one face line and trims to fix center line of face

Thorough after care and recovery system
Grand tries to minimize daily life discomfort and shorten recovery period
by thorough after care system to reduce swelling and pain after lower jaw surgery

Realizing beautiful face line by accurate measurement 3D CT scan.

Scientific analyzation as well as shortening recovery time
by minimizing operation time is possible due to diagnosis
complications (paresthesia due to nerve damage,
excessive bleeding during the surgery due to abnormal
anatomical structure, definite diagnosis to check
if free airway is difficult during general anesthesia,
prediction of free airway after the surgery) in advance.

It is difficult for an accurate diagnosis with existing 2D
(panorama, X-ray) system due to an error by showing three
dimensional face to flatways.

‘Scientific Diagnosis’and ‘Complex Therapy’
influence surgery result.

Accurate analysis
through 3D CT

Grand’s Protruding Mouth Surgery Method
Facial Contouring Surgery

Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO) When occlusion matches
It is general protruding mouth surgery performed when teeth are straight,
just gum itself is protruding
Protrusion degree is diagnosed through 3D CT scan for accurate diagnosis
Extract teeth at back of canine teeth and push gum backward as the same gap of the taken teeth
Protruding mouth will be corrected and pushed back to 6-7 mm as a size of extracted teeth
Advantage of Grand’s Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO)
Effective with 1 time surgery and result can be seen 1-2 weeks after the surgery
Swelling is less compared to other facial contouring surgery, return to daily life can be shortened
It takes around 2 years for orthodontics, however, orthodontic period can be shortened to 6 months to a year

Three Jaw Surgery When mouth is severely protruded with severe weak chin

It requires advanced technique which is performed with ASO and
two jaw surgery at the same time.
Three jaw surgery is required for severely protruded mouth and severe weak chin
Diagnosis degree of protruding mouth through 3D CT scan for accurate dianosis
Extract tooth at the back of canine tooth and secure 7-8 mm of space
Mouth will pushed back as much as the distance that moved backwards which will improve
protruding mouth and will require orthodontics after protruding mouth surgery
Movement after excision – cut bone as much as extracted space and move front teeth,
lower teeth and whole alveolar bone back to molar
Advantage of Grand’s Three Jaw Surgery
Both face structure problem and gum exposure can be solved at once
Nose will relatively look higher
Younger looking face can be achieved

Medical professionals and collaborative system
Facial Contouring Surgery
Grand’s two jaw surgery/facial contouring surgery offers 1:1 customer care
with comfortable treatment and postoperative care by systematicall
accurate collaborative system and composition of medical professionals
Grand’s Facial Contouring Center Collaborative System

 Plastic Surgery
 Oral Surgery
 Facial Contouring
 Specialist Anesthesia
 Team Internist

 Post Surgery Treatment
 with an exclusive supervision
Surgery plan, treatment and aftercare system by two jaw/ facial contouring surgery specialist
Collaborative system for two jaw surgery, protruding mouth surgery and orthognathic surgery
Pre, post operative care and pre, post check up for general anesthesia
for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and angina
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Jaw / Facial Contouring Specialist "Exclusive Supervision Post-Surgery System
Emergency ManagementIntensive Treatment CenterAnesthesia SpecialistSterilized System

Self generated electricity system
in case of local blackout (UPS)
Defibrillator that controls heartbeat
Emergency cart to prepare
for emergency
We have an equipment and skill
to react swiftly and accurately on
emergency situation that might
happen during a jaw / facial
contouring surgery.
After the surgery, to get
ready for any emergency
that migh happen,
the patients were being
treated in an intensive
treatment center.
The anesthesia specialist
concentrates to
check up on patient’s
heartbeat and
respiration condition.
To provide a safe and
clean surgery and
treatment, we make
use of high tech
sanitize and sterilizer
to had a thorough
sterilized system.

Who need Protruding Mouth Surgery?
Facial Contouring Surgery

Those whose
teeth are
Those whose
mouth is
but face
is not long
Those who
have both
mouth and
weak chin
Those who
have long
face and

After Protruding Mouth Surgery?
Facial Contouring Surgery

Protruding mouth surgery
is a facial contouring surgery
it is considered as
‘image surgery’ to change
stuffy image to more defined
image unlike existing eyes
or nose surgery
Protruding mouth surgery,
like other facial contouring
surgery, overall face contour
line will change, surgery
should be planned by
considering overall image
that will be changed or
considering optical effect
accompanied with surgery
for nose and mouth area
Medical photo and X-ray
for whole face will be taken
1 week prior to surgery
to plan surgery
result elaborately
These systematical
‘surgery plan system’ is
incomparable to other places
where they perform surgery
with surgeons sense and feel,
we offer precise beauty
to each patients

 After care is also important after Two Jaw Surgery 

It is advised to use ice pack right after the surgery until swelling goes down.
Fasting for a day after the surgery and taking soft food
(thin rice gruel, juice, milk and drinkable liquid food) is recommended.
Taking normal food is possible 2 weeks after the surgery, however,
cut side dishes into pieces and eat solid food 4 weeks after the surgery.
Wear compression band for 3-4 days after the surgery and avoid bending head down or lying on the stomach. Sleepingwith 2-3 pillows under the head will help with subsiding pain.
Gargle to keep clean inside the mouth after taking meal in order to prevent inflammation
and infection inside the mouth.
Smoking and drinking will slow down healing wound. If unavoidable,
they are possible 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
Going through heavy shock should be avoided Every patient has swelling after the surgery,
however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition

Every patient has swelling after the surgery,
however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition

*Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patient's individual case.*