Pre-surgery Care

Caution for an ideal liposuction surgery

Pre-surgery precautions for liposuction
Severe dieting needs to be avoided for at least two weeks before surgery.
The correct compressive garment size is needed after surgery.
If you recently had an operation on areas where you want liposuction performed, or have a heart or lung condition, then it’s necessary that you inform us ahead of time.
Please bring comfortable and loose clothing since the surgical area will be wrapped with compressed bandages. We recommend that you bring larger sized shoes for calf reduction.
There might be slight discomfort from the rehydration solution for two to three days after surgery; thus, make sure you have a heating pad for absorption to prevent any strain.
  • Remove any face makeup and ensure cleanliness
  • Avoid accessories (jewels)
  • Prepare a cap and mask to prevent discomfort when you arrive home
  • Avoid wearing contact lens or glasses on the day of surgery. Depending on the doctor’s orders,
    we recommend not wearing them for 2-3 weeks prior.
  • Male patients should shave their face before surgery
  • Remove any hair on the surgical region as it could cause infection
  • Wear loose, open style or button up clothing; avoid pullovers or tight articles of clothing
  • Bring a bag to store your clothing
  • Remove nail polish and ensure cleanliness
  • If getting liposuction, bring a long sleeve shirt
  • Take a shower on the day before surgery, but do not use any body lotions or creams
  • Bring loose, comfortable clothing
  • If getting liposuction, bring extra underwear
  • Briefs are better than boxers for male patients
  • Do not make appointments during your menstrual period
  • Remove nail polish and ensure cleanliness
  • Do not wear pantyhose
  • If getting calf muscle reduction surgery, bring heels (5-8cm)

Things to Remember Prior to Surgery Day

Refrain from long term usage of medicine for 2 weeks before surgery including: Aspirin; cold medicine; hormonal agents including contraceptives; oriental medicine including steroids, red ginseng, or vitamin E.
Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for 3 days before surgery. They can worsen your condition and cause inflammation.
Surgery should be delayed if you have a cold, high fever, phlegm, or a cough. Please let us know in advance.
Avoid being on your menstrual period, as bleeding could be severe
Inform us of any diseases you had treated or are currently treating.
Get enough sleep the night before; it can prevent severe swelling.

Things to Remember on Surgery Day

Refrain from eating 8 hours before surgery if you will be getting general anesthesia
(including water, gum, candy, etc.) If you will be conscious during sedation, you can have a light meal or beverage.
On the day of surgery, take a shower and brush your teeth before coming to the hospital.
In case you are required to stay overnight please bring necessary personal belongings
(basic cosmetics, hair band, phone charger etc.).
Arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time on the day of surgery.
We recommend not operating a motor vehicle after surgery.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*