Caution for an ideal Anti-aging surgery

Our guide to a successful anti-aging surgery
The day before surgery, wash your body thoroughly to prevent possible infection.
You must stop smoking or drinking alcohol 2-3 weeks prior to surgery since it promotes the grafted fat to be absorbed and interrupt the revascularization.
A patient with high blood pressure should inform us in advance since it’s better to normalize the blood pressure prior to surgery.
Due to the excessive pulling of skin during the procedure, a patient might experience some facial numbness after surgery. However, it only lasts temporarily, and your sensation will come back.
There is no special caution for Botox or other kinds of injection treatment, just do not wear make-up.

Bacic Preparation

  • Please remove your makeup. You must always maintain the cleanliness before surgery.
  • Please avoid wearing accessories (jewels).
  • Prepare a cap and mask to prevent discomfort when you arrive home
  • Please prepare a cap and mask, if you need, to prevent discomfort when you go home.
  • On the day of surgery, please avoid wearing lens or glasses.
    We do not recommend that you wear them for 2-3 weeks depending on the doctor’s orders.
  • In case of a male patient, a shave is required before surgery.
  • Please remove your hairs on the surgical region. There are possibilities of infection from your hairs around the surgical region.
  • Better put on the open style top in big size such as jumper or shirt.
  • Better bring your pouch for your underwear.
  • Please remove nail polish. You must maintain the cleanliness before surgery not to infect.
  • In case of liposuction, prepare a long sleeve shirt if necessary.
  • Taking a shower is required on the day before surgery, but do not put body lotion, or cream.
  • In case of liposuction, you must prepare the extra underwear. Prepare comfortable clothes, if you are a male patient, briefs is better than boxers.
  • Please wear comfortable, roomy clothes.
  • Please avoid your menstrual period. Bleeding could be severe.
  • Please avoid wearing a pedicure. You must maintain the cleanliness before surgery not to infect.
  • We recommend that you do not wear pantyhose (or long length one).
  • In case of the calf muscles reduction surgery, prepare middle-heeled shoes (5-8cm).

Please check on your states before surgery.

In case of general anesthesia, you must refrain from eating 8 hours before surgery. (You are prohibited from all eating foods such as water, gum, cady, etc.) In case of conscious sedation, you can have a light meal or drink beverages.
If having long-term use of the medicine, refrain from dose from 2weeks before surgery, including: aspirin, cold medicine included aspirin, hormone agents, hormonal agents (contraceptive), oriental medicine included steroid, red ginseng, or vitamin E agnets.
You must refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol from 3 days before surgery. They can debase your condition, and cause an inflammation.
Please avoid your menstrual period. Bleeding could be severe.
If you have a cold included high fever, phlegm, or cough, having a surgery should be delayed. You should let us know in advance.
If you have a disease which you have treated or are treating, you must let us know in advance in order to be treated apprepriately.
On the day of surgery, you should take a shower and brush your teeth and come to the hospital.
You should try to get enough sleep on the day vefore surgery. It can be of help to the swelling.
Please come to the hospital 30 minutes in advance of the appointment on the day of surgery.
In case of an inpatient, please prepare your personal belongings (basic cosmetics, hair band, charger of your mobile phone, or etc.)
We recommend that you use the public transportation after surgery.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*