Noticeable Double eyelids

Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – Noticeable Double eyelids
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – Noticeable Double eyelids
Grand’s revision for noticeable double eyelids is required when
creases are too obvious as a result of strongly tied double folds
or when incision scars are too aprarent that an eye surgery has done.
A certain method should be selected for revision, which follows
from examination of the exact cause. To do so, revision should
be done by a plastic surgery specialist who has extensive
experiences in performing eye revision so that satisfactory
results can be expected.

Strongly tied double folds

- For those who have thick skin, they should have lower or inner eyelids,
even if their double eyelids are not that high. This is because the volume
under creases are bigger with them.
– The strength of double folds is re-corrected by loosening them appropriately.

High double eyelid (excessive)

For noticeable creases caused by obvious incision scars, scar-correction is
required. To do this, scarring regions are removed and then re-suturing is
conducted as the procedures of revision. (In some cases with severe scars,
autolugus dermis grafting can be required, which the autolugus dermis is
harvested from groin areas.)
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – Noticeable Double eyelids
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – Noticeable Double eyelids

How to perform the revision for noticeable double folds

It is important to lower the height of double folds, and remove scarring tissues and fat tissues for creating natural double folds in revision.

In case of the eyes done the incision method for the primary eye surgery

Double folds including incision scars are re-located to lower or unnecessary fat showing sausage like puffiness on upper eyelids are removed.

In case of the eyes done the multi-locking method for the primary eye surgery

If double eyelids are unraveled within 2weeks from the operation day, it is possible to get creases again through the same method. However, revision should be conducted if double eyelids have unraveled more than 2weeks so that adhesion of tissues would have already been preceded.

In case of absence in necessary ptosis correction

Incision method will be used with ptosis correction for revision so that the height of double folds will get lower depending on the amount of upper eyelid skin.
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – Noticeable Double eyelids

Post-operative care for eye surgery is also important!

Ice-pack applying right after the surgery is helpful to reduce swelling.
After the surgery, swelling and bruises are shown differently in individuals. Avoid putting down your head or lying faced down while sleeping. It is also helpful to support your back and neck with 2-3 soft pillows for reducing swelling or pain when sleeping.
It should be avoided to be teary, cry, rub upper eyelids hardly, or do frowning eyes. Simple eye make-up should be done after 2 weeks.
After the surgery, drinking alcohol and smoking should be avoided for at least 3 weeks because they make scarring prolonged.
Contact lenses should be worn after 3 weeks. During this period, glasses or sunglasses can be worn instead.
Fake eyelashes can be done after 1 month.
Going for sauna or hot spring should be avoided for 3 weeks.

After the procedure, swelling occurs in everyone but the degree of it shows differently according to individual’s physical constitution.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*