Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery

Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery
Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery
GRAND’s nose bridge & tip surgery is different from general rhinoplasty
Nose bridge is made to look sharper
Nose tip is made to look natural without extreme lifting
By making ideal line of nose,
The most operated and preferred rhinoplasty at GRAND.
Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery

By accurately analyzing designing nose bridge and tip.

Grand's Nose bridge and nose tip surgery makes the face looking smaller and three dimensional

Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery

By fitting and shaping the bridge and tip area together will make it look more natural and beautiful, plus getting bridge and tip surgery together will save up to 30-40% reduction with the cost so you will have more satisfaction with the surgery at GRAND.

Elevating flat nose to fit facial features of each individual
will help with dull impression to have a clear vivid look.
With drooped nose tip, by matching it up with bridge
of nose, we customize each time to make slightly pointy
tip to give three-dimensional, slim and refined effect on
the image of your face.
Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery
Implant is designed and customized to fit to your own shape and height of nose.
Ideal type of a nose tip is when looking from a side, the line should be curved smoothly connected from the bridge of nose without up turned tip and this is considered to be beautiful.
The shape of the tip is closed to the ideal shape of the nose so
no big correction is needed, and in this case, the
surgery is processed by tying up the nasal cartilages.
If the effects by tying up the cartilages is unsatisfied,
autologus cartilages or autologus thick skin or fat is implanted
on the tip of the nose to shape the tip and in this case,
ears-cartilage is used which is very alike with the nasal cartilages.
On upturned nose which the angle between the tip of the nose and
upper lip is over 110 degrees is usually applied method as building extra
cartilage on the firmly supported cartilage to shape and heighten.
Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery
For nose bridge- we use Gore-Tex and artificial silicon
For nose tip- we use autologous cartilage from nasal septum and ear
(Different type of material can be used depending on the nose shape and thickness of the skin)
Nose bridge + Nose tip surgery

After care of nose bridge & tip surgery at GRAND

After the surgery, using ice-pack will help with bruises and swelling.
Use it straight after the surgery until the time swelling goes away.
After the surgery, bruising or swelling might occur depending on each individual, avoid bending down with your head or turn back to sleep, use 2 to 3 comfy pillows on your head during sleep, it will help with the swelling and the pain.
After the surgery, for up to two days blood might come out of your nose, you will need to gently wipe it off with clean tissue.
After the surgery, do not remove the taping as it is for settling the designed nose.
After the surgery, try to avoid drinking and smoking for up to 3 to 4 weeks, it will make scars to heal slowly so try to avoid as much as you could.
After the surgery, avoid blowing nose strongly, and for about a month time avoid wearing glasses (spectacles) and sunglasses.
The major swelling on the nose bridge area will gradually disappear in about a week time, minor swelling will be left on the glabella and tip area and depending on each individual it will get healed as time goes.
Avoid going to sauna or Korean dry sauna for 3 weeks or more

Every patient has swelling after the surgery, however depending

however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*