Nose and Short Chin Surgery

Nose and Short Chin Surgery

Nose and Short Chin Surgery

Grand’s Nose+Short Chin Surgery is to give the three-dimension at middle
of face through the nose surgery
as well as to improve volume in overall face via implant insertion,
fat grafting insertion to where less volume is shown like forehead,
chin or paranasal folds.
When nose surgery and short chin surgery are conducted at once,
the effect will be shown that protruded mouth looks improved.
Moreover, you will get a modish and steady facial impression
as the line of mouth is defined through the dual surgery.
When a nose surgery is conducted with a short chin surgery,
the effect will be shown that protruded mouth looks pushed in.
Moreover, a modish and steady facial impression can be expected since the line of mouth is defined.
There are areas where volume should be shown for beauty.
The areas are forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin.
When those areas are appropriately developed and have good harmony
with other parts of face, then a three-dimensional face can be achieved.
However, in the case of lower nose, then the three-dimension
on the centre of face is less shown.
Even more, in the case of low & flat forehead or short chin,
facial three-dimension and balance are negatively shown for beauty.
The nose surgery is to three-dimensionally augment nose
bridge, which leads to make overall facial impression defined.
A nicely thick tip of chin is made in matching the nose,
resulting in the completion of a three dimensional and slimmer
facial line with a modish facial impression.
The surgery is by using fracture of chin tip, implant insertion,
fat grafting insertion for short chin correction.

Nose and Short Chin Surgery

1. Correction through an artificial implant

when the symptom is not so severe, we can extend the size of chin or relocate it using goretex, silicone implants.
Make 2-3 cm of incision on the tip of chin.
Lift the periostem and make a space for the implant, inserting it and then fix.
Suture the incision part with absorbable threads.

2. Correction through autologous fat

Extracting unnecessary fat from thighs, hips, tummy and etc. and delicately implanting them on the short chin area
through many layers. Fat rejection can lead body shape correction and raise the engraftment rate.
This method helped the sustainability and effect grow higher.
Extract unnecessary fat from thighs, hips, and tummy then extract pure fat.
Transplant the fat on the tip of chin by injection.

3. Cut, move forward, and correct

This method is correct the chin bone which placed backward and then move it forward.
It can be adjusted by the cutting degree to make the shape look natural. When the chin moves forward,
the length from neck to the chin get longer so you can expect better neck line. It also releases tension
because it will be easier to close mouth.
Make 2-3 cm of incision on the short chin
Lift the periostem & expose the tip then cut according to the personally designed fracture line.
After the fracture, take off the lower piece of the bone about the amount for moving forward.
Fix the piece and suture the fracturing part with absorbable threads.

Nose and Short Chin Surgery

For nose bridge- we use Gore-Tex and artificial silicon
For nose tip- we use autologous cartilage from nasal septum and ear
(Different type of material can be used depending on the nose shape and thickness of the skin)
During procedure, the amount and depth of injecting will differentiate in the absorption
which experienced plastic surgery specialist should consult with you first and get the procedure done for you.
With Grand, we give subtle difference of 1mm to indulge you with a natural beautiful look.
After the surgery, using ice-pack will help with bruises and swelling.
Use it straight after the surgery until the time swelling goes away.
After the surgery, bruising or swelling might occur depending on each individual, avoid bending down
with your head or turn back to sleep, use 2 to 3 comfy pillows on your head during sleep, it will help with the swelling and the pain.
After the surgery, for up to two days blood might come out of your nose, you will need to gently wipe it off with clean tissue.
After the surgery, do not remove the taping as it is for settling the designed nose.
After the surgery, try to avoid drinking and smoking for up to 3 to 4 weeks,
it will make scars to heal slowly so try to avoid as much as you could.
After the surgery, avoid blowing nose strongly, and for about a month time avoid wearing glasses (spectacles) and sunglasses.
The major swelling on the nose bridge area will gradually disappear in about a week time,
minor swelling will be left on the glabella and tip area and depending on each individual it will get healed as time goes.
Avoid going to sauna or Korean dry sauna for 3 weeks or more.

Right after the surgery, it is help to apply an ice-pack continuously till swelling gets subsided.
After the surgery, you may have bruises and swelling that are shown differently person to person.
When sleeping, avoid putting the head down or lying upside down. 2-3 soft pillows are useful in reducing
swelling and pain while sleeping.
After insertion, aggressive facial wash should be avoided. Sauna and heavy exercise should also
be avoided for more than 7days.
After insertion, incision will be made intraorally. To prevent an intraoral infection or inflammation,
cleaning mouth with gargling should be done right after having a meal.
After the procedure, avoid drinking or smoking for 4 weeks since they cause delaying scar healing process.
After the procedure, avoid hitting by any objects in recovery period.

Every patient has swelling after the surgery,

however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*