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Acne/Acne scar/ Scar care
PDT(Photo Dynamic Therapy)
Skin Scaling

Optimized acne care for individual skin type

Grand Acne Treatment


Optimized treatment for
individual skin type

An experienced dermatologist diagnoses individual's skin type and provides the optimized treatment plan.


Treatment program
based on each condition and symptom

Various treatments for acne and scar are combined depending on the condition and symptom


Prevents reoccurrence
with continuous treatment

Skin tone is brightened and reoccurrence of acne is prevented by removing old keratin and subsiding inflammation.

Clear Your Reddish Acne Skin At Grand

  • POINT 01

    Acne intensive care

  • POINT 02

    Collagen regenerating scar care

  • POINT 03


  • POINT 04

    Acne reoccurrence prevention care

Treatment depending on types of acnes

Types of Acne

  • Comedone (Millet acne)

    • Black head
    • White head
  • Papule (Red acne)

    Acne that is reddish due to the inflammation on Comedone
  • Pustules (festered acne)

    Acne with visible pus
  • Nodular acne

    • Acne that is big and deep
    • Hardened beneath the skin
  • Cysts acne

    Red acne with skin inflammation

Treatment Program

  • Ointment& Oral medication

    • Subsides inflammation, prevents sebum secretion
    • Combinated with treatments for maximized improvements
  • INTRAcel

    • Destroys sebaceous glands →Skin trouble is improved due to reduced sebum production
    • Effective on pore and scar treatment due to collagen production promotion
  • PDT

    • Destroys sebaceous glands and acne bacteria
    • Effective on inflammated acne
  • IPL(cellec)

    • Effective on pigmented lesions formed by acne
    • Destroys acne bacteria, sebaceous glands reduction
  • Acne Peeling

    • Scaling keratin and sebum with medication
    • Subsides inflammation, prevents acne and improves skin tone

Removing dark, red pigmentation

Acne Scar Solution

  • Red acne scar (erythema)

    Inflammation cells and veins form on area where the normal cells are destroyed causing the pigmentation.
  • Black, brown acne scar

    Excessive melanin pigment creation or it being penetrated in to the dermis layer causing dark pigmentation.

Treatment Program

  • IPL(cellec)

    • Effective on various pigmented lesions
  • Laser Toning

    • Effective on various pigmented lesions
  • Iontophoresis

    • Inject vitamin C and skin whitening medication deep in to the dermis layer
    • Improves pigmentation, intensive skin brightening care.
  • Skin brightening ointment

    • Pigment cell deactivation
    • Melanin pigment production prevention

Various acne scar treatments depending on the shape of scar

Acne Scar Solution

  • STEP 01

    Checks condition of the scar

  • STEP 02

    Stimulate the dermis layer and promotes collagen and elastine regeneration of scar area.

  • STEP 03

    After the new skin grows on the scarred area, the scar is healed and the skin becomes clear.

Treatment Program

  • Subsicion

    • Effective on round scar
    • procedure of disconnecting fiber tissues using specialized needle.
  • PRP Skin regeneration

    • Injects PRP that is harvested from own blood on to scar area
    • Strong skin regeneration, skin remodeling
  • INTRAcel

    • High frequency stimulation by inserting micro needle in the targeted area
    • Promotes collagen regeneration, skin remodeling
  • Er-yag Laser

    • Remove the epidermis and dermis layer of scar through peeling.
    • Effective on scar and skin texture improvement.
  • TCA cross peel

    • Injects TCA medication on the scar
    • Effective on improving deep scars as skin fills up from the dermis layer

Destroys acne bacteria and sebum glands , speedy acne care

PDT Solution

  • STEP 01

    Apply photoreceptor on the skin so that it is absorbed in the acne bacteria and sebum glands.

  • STEP 02

    Shoots the LED lights and destroys acne bacteria and sebaceous glands that has absorbed photosensitizer.

  • STEP 03

    Cleaner skin due to destroyed acne bacteria and less sebum production.

Treatment Program

Types Treatment interval Number of sessions Target
MILD PDT 2 Weeks 3~5 Sessions
  • Acne skin
  • Excessive sebum production
Intensive PDT 4 Weeks 3 Sessions
  • Severe inflammatory acne
  • Acne skin with severe acne scar
Types MILD PDT Intensive PDT
Treatment interval 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
Number of sessions 3~5 Sessions 3 Sessions
  • Acne skin
  • Excessive sebum production
  • Severe inflammatory acne
  • Acne skin with severe acne scar

Acne care and prevention at the same time!

Skin Peel Treatment

  • STEP 01

    Dissolves keratin and skin waste matter by applying specialized ointment.

  • STEP 02

    Clears out old keratin and waste in pores.

  • STEP 03

    Cleaner skin with natural sebum production and subsides inflammation.

Treatment Effect

  • 01 Acne scar, pigmen- tation improvement
  • 02 Skin brightening
  • 03 Skin blemishes and trouble prevention

Completed system with the latest
medical equipments

GRAND offers the most
advanced techniques

CCTV Observation

The guardians who have agreed in advance can observe the entire operation process in real time at CCTV observation room.


Anesthesiologists who were former university professor is present during the surgery and real-time monitoring system is equipped to check all possible situation during general anesthesia.

Surgery real-name

All the medical staffs at Grand Plastic Surgery are conscientious. Patient's surgeon will be in charge of the entire process from consultation to surgery and post-operative care to prevent damage from ghost surgery and substitute surgeon.

Emergency system fully

Grand Plastic Surgery operating rooms are fully equipped with a University hospital-level safety system, including a cardiac defibrillator for emergencies, an emergency kit, and a UPS self-generating power system in case of a power outage.

Air circulator

Air circulator that can supply clean air, elimination of dust and germs, is fully equipped in OR to prevent infection.

Management of
medical tools

All medical tools that can be easily contaminated are thoroughly sanitized and sterilized for prevention of infection.

Management of

Professional laundry services are used for patient gowns, scrubs, OP drapes, etc. to aim the sanitized laundry through strict monitoring of infection or inflammation.

Management of
inpatient rooms

Comfortable inpatient rooms are available to ease the whole surgery process of foreign patients. Professional, detailed care services are offered during their stay.

Collaboration of specialists in various fields for professional, high-quality customized solution for each patient

Grand Plastic Surgery has a systematic care system consisted of various specialists such as plastic surgeon, dermatologist, oral & maxillofacial surgeon, and anesthesiologist.
Improvement in patient’s appearance in most ideal, beautiful way is possible as 1:1 customized surgery is planed through detailed examination.

No. 1 in Plastic Surgery - Brand Award

2019 Medical Korea Awards

2019 Medical Korea Awards
- Grand Prize in Plastic Surgery

No. 1 in Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery

2019 Healthy Life Forum

Sponsored by Russian Ministry of Health
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+
Invited Speaker Speech Rhee Sewhan, M.D.

No. 1 in Anti-Aging Brand Awards

2018 KCAI

2018 KCAI (Korean Consumer Appraisal Index)
- Grand Prize in Anti-Aging Surgery

Giving & Sharing - Social Contribution Activity

2016 Mongolian Red Cross

Mongolian Red Cross Appreciation Plaque
Surgery and treatment volunteer for
disadvantaged group

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Airport Transfer Service

Professional driver is assigned for patients from other countries to assist them from/to the airport to clinic.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Hotel Reservation Service

We provide hotel reservation service for patient's comfort before and after surgery.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


24-hour Direct Consulting Service

24-hour direct consulting service is possible for patients residing outside of Korea. Consultation will be arranged to be at the time upon patient requests.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


1:1 Translator Service

Consultants in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Thai assist patients throughout the whole process of Consultation-Surgery-Recovery-Post-operative care-Discharge.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Multilingual Website

We provide accurate information about plastic surgery by operating our website in multiple languages for international patients. Please request an online consultation for a prompt reply.

Please follow the instructions for
the best results of the surgery!

Before and after
surgery guide

After surgery
  • 1Skin may become red and have burning sensations for first several days after treatment. It is a natural symptom that occurs while new skin is being regenerated and it will subside as time passes.
  • 2Wash your face gently and apply plenty of hypoallergenic moisturizing cream.
  • 3Keep your hands clean at all times and avoid squeezing acne with unsterilized hands.
  • 4Follow the dermatologist's recommended life style and diet during treatment period.
  • 5It is important to avoid UV exposure after treatment. Make sure to apply sun block at least SPF30 with 3-4 hours of interval during outdoors activities.
  • 6Do not try to remove scabs that formed after treatment, and leave to fall off naturally.
  • 7Avoid drinking and smoking during treatment period.
  • 8Avoid weight lifting, running, sauna or public baths for the first week after treatment.

Postoperative swelling and bruising may vary depending on the individual's constitution


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