Natural adhesion

It is not the existing double eyelid surgery which is fixed forcibly by threads, it induces natural double eyelid along
the double eyelid, makes natural double eyelid without artificial looking, the Natural adhesion developed by Grand
Even though you had a double eyelid surgery from a famous plastic surgery hospital,
you cannot hide somewhat artificial impressing eyes, or ‘the flaw’ which forms the scar along the double eyelid lines.
But, Grand’s natural adhesion is the method
which is ‘flawless’ and natural as inborn double eyelids.
Grand’s Natural Adhesion is developed from piled up information
through so many cases of surgery.
It is a Grand’s own method which disadvantages of existing double eyelid surgery is
corrected and advantages are maximized, and this method is to operate well matched
to each case through Natural Adhesion.
It is a method to make natural adhesion under the skin, so it is natural as inborn double eyelids.
It leaves almost no scars, because it is operated through micro holes.
The surgery is possible to have no incision in case when ptosis(dropping of eyes) is not serious.
The percentage of thread being disconnected is very low, because it is not forcefully fixed by threads.
We design after analyzing the general face shape, nose, skin around the eyes and the shape of eyes.
Low percentage of threads being unconnected▼ Satisfaction of the design is high▲ It is a customized double eyelid surgery.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*