Nasal bone Implant

 Nasal bone Implant before & after

Typical Asian’s nose is bone implanted and makes featured face,
which is the most important part of nose surgery
which many of Grand’s patients had.
Grand’s nasal bone implant is?
Balanced nose is completed depending on each person’s case.
Design with considering the line which is connected from forehead.
Design based on balanced background with making prominent and attractive nose tip.
Design the ideal nose’s height and angle matched to patient’s nose suitably.
In Grand, plastic surgeon with many experience choose the ideal method to patient’s case so the
nose becomes natural, leaves no scar, and attractive.
Open type surgery
(Not only the nostril but columella nasi is also incised)
Enclosed type surgery
(incised inside through the nostril)
Nose that looks short and low for the face.
Concerns of the flat looking side face line
Nose’s rounded area’s size and shape is okay but the gap between the brows looks low.
Bridge of the nose: uses artificial silicon or Gore-Tex
Tip of the nose: uses cartilage of nasal septum, cartilage of ears.

After care of rhinoplasty is important!

After the surgery, if nosebleed for one or two days, wipe it with clean tissues.
After the surgery, fixed with the tape while it is settled into. (don’t take it off voluntarily)
After the surgery, not to blow nose harsh, and it is better to wear glasses or sunglasses for a month.
Tape is removed after 5 days, and stitches are removed after 7 days.
Swollen on the bridge of nose heals in about a week.
Small swollen remains on between the brows and on tip of the nose, but it depends on each person’s type and heals steadily.

Swollen occurs differently for everyone and it depends on each person’s type.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*