Lateral Epicanthoplasty

Downward Epicnathoplasty (lowering lateral eyelids)

Before/After 3 months

Why Grand’s Downward Epicanthoplasty?
Eye Surgery
It is a surgery of lowering lower eyelid on the outer part of black pupil, which is 1/3 of edge of lower eyelid
it is performed through conjunctiva and gives an effect of slanted lateral eyelid to become an oval shape

Grand’s Downward Epicanthoplasty (lowering lateral eyelid)
widens Asians’ horizontal length of eyes and lowers slanted lateral eyelid
to desired position to make gentle slope of eyes to change eyes themselves

Most Asians have upward
lateral eyelids as in the photo

In case for severely slanted eyes, lower eyelids
are covering lower part of pupil which gives stuffy looking

In case of hoping for vertical length of eyes (palpebral fissure)
to become bigger, Grand’s Downward Epicanthoplasty
can make eyes look fresher

 What is Grand’s 

 Downward Epicanthoplasty? 

Delicate and elaborate procedure is
possible due to less possibility of reoccurrence
Significant effect can be expect since
the structure is round, not flat
Leads for softer image by adjusting shape
of height of lateral eyelids
Leads for softer image by making incision on
sunken area of lateral eyelids to lessen scarring
Design after grasping each individual’s
overall facial shape, nose, skin and shape around eyes
Reduced pressure regarding scar and
swelling, but increased satisfaction for design

Downward Epicanthoplasty Surgery Method
Eye Surgery

Protruded eyeball
or only the lengths
of upper and
lower eyelids are long
Sleepy Eyes
Fierce looking eyes

The end of the eye tail
horizon-tally by slitting
it in a long wat it can
give you big and
mellow-looking eyes.
Open outer corner
of the eyelids to upwards
and to downwards to make
bigger of the general
size of the eyes.
Stretch the outer
corner of the eyelids to
the side to make the
eyes look more gentle.

Make incision inside
conjunctiva following
lateral eyelid
Lower and fix
outer 1/3 of eyelid
Open 4-6mm and suture
inside the eye to
make scar unnoticeable
Prevent readhesion
by removing mucous

You can have dramatic and satisfied results by having additional surgeries as double eyelids surgery,
lateral epicanthoplasty, and magic epicanthoplasty, depending on the condition of the eyes.

  Bias against the Lateral Epianthoplasty 

Is Lateral Epianthoplasty is attachable?
Adhesion is possible because existing method is to simply incising the side,
then the upper and under eyelid’s con-junctiva and skin has scars after it is sutured,
so in the long-term the skin could be attached again. Grand removes the mucous membrane
which is helping attach icisioned skin, to prevent adhesion.

Is Lateral angle’s lower eyelid will be turns outwards
and the skin on lateral eyes(conjunctiva) will be exposed?
Not only for existing method, but also nowadays, if incision is made without fixed lower eyelids
will occur adhesion while the eyeball and conjunctiva is detached.
Grand’s method is definitely fixed to the periosteum, so recurrence is little and the conjunctiva which
covers the eyeball is firmly attached to the eyeball, so the phenomenon which
dry eye syndrome or ectropion(condition in which lower eyelid turns outwards) is little.

Is Lateral eyes are lowered temporarily and then
goes upwards as time goes by?
Eventually, if the lateral lower eyelid is not fixed to periosteum authentically,
it will unravel as time passes and lateral eyes could go upwards again.
Grand removes the mucous membrane which helps attach
the incision part to eliminate the possibility of adhesion.

What is difference between Downward Epicanthoplasty
and Lateral Epicanthoplasty?

Lateral Epicanthoplasty
Downward Epicanthoplasty

Pulling outward to make eyes
horizontally longer
Pulling downward to make size of eyes
vertically bigger

Who need Downward Epicanthoplasty?
Eye Surgery

Who need
Those who
have sharp eyes
due to slanted
lateral eyelid
Those who
are not satisfied
even after magic
and lateral
Those who
have short
width for upper
and bottom above
original pupil
Those whose
eyes look too
close due to magic

 After care is also important after eye surgery 

It is advised to use ice pack right after the surgery until swelling goes down
After the surgery, swellings or bruises could occur depending on the conditionand avoid
bending head down or lying on the stomach.
Sleeping with 2-3 pillows under the head will help with subsiding pain
When tear drops are coming out, it is advice not to scratch your eyes,
closing eyes too hard.
After the surgery, you should avoid drinking or smoking for 2~3 weeks.
Contact lenses are to be worn after 3 weeks.
Simple eye makes can be done 2 weeks after the surgery,
and cosmetic fake lashes should be used after 1 month after surgery
Avoid Sauna or hot spring should be avoided for 2~3 weeks

Every patient has swelling after the surgery,
however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*