Knowing Breast Surgery Right

Profiling is?
Even implants which have the same volume with different shape can be categorized as profiling.
To get an outstanding result of breast augmentation surgery, the most important common thing is choosing the implant is to do the profiling, since every person has different height, chest size and width, ideal breast shape, etc.
Low Profile
- Low implant with wide diameter.
- Implant which can be used for those who has a wide diameter breast,
  but since there’s almost no Asian has this kind of width, this kind of
  implant is rarely used.

Moderate Profile
- The implant has an average width and height
- Cohesive gel which has been approved but since doesn’t suitable for
  Asian body type, therefore the usage of cohesive gel has been decreasing

Moderate Plus Profile
- The width and height is between Moderate and High Profile.
- The implant which suitable for Asian body types the most, it looks
  natural, and soft. It’s the type of implant which is being widely used.

High Profile
- The implant is kind of long and slender.
- If you have a narrow chest and wish to have a protruding breast,
  or if you would like your breast look as if it’s right in the center,
  then you might want to use this kind of implant, but it’s not really
  soft and looks not natural.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*