Knowing Breast Surgery Right

Causes of Capsular Contraction
When a foreign get inside to human body, whoever she is, according to her immunity level,
automatically it will erect a defense system against to the foreign object, and the fiber will
surround / enclosed the foreign object.

Implants insertion during a breast augmentation will cause the immunization, the implant which is surrounded
by the cells made out of collagen will cover the implants completely and resulting in capsule.
After the appearance of the capsule in the outer part of implants, one own cell will try to protect itself
by breaking off the implants.
The problem is the capsule is resulting from it’s response to various, when the capsule become solid and thick,
that’s when we called it capsular contraction.

 Level of Capsular Contraction (Baker Classification) 
Either it’s doctor or the
patients who touch it, it feel
soft as if there’s no different
with before getting a breast
Your breast feel less
softer when you touch it,
but it doesn’t leave a
mark when you see it
from outside.
The breast become
solidm you can feel the
implant easily and it can
be seen from outsude
The breast become solid
and hard, you can feel
pain and you can see
the shape change from
the outside.
From the “Baker Classification” Class Ⅰ and Ⅱ are the most common
satisfying result without any necessities to do the revision surgery. While for Class Ⅲ and Ⅳ the
necessity of having a revisiobn surgery will be decided After receiving a continuous treatment.

 Prevention on Capsular Contraction 
Post-Surgery Safety
If you do an exercise or acivitier that use a lot of your pectoral muscles after the surgery
in 2-3 weeks an edema might appear with a reformed capsule with a fluid tissue pooling inside,
etc and the capsule become thick is where the capsular contraction happened.
So if it’s possible please avoid too much exercise or acitivities.
Preventive Medicine
After the surgery, consumin medicine like accolate, Rizaben etc can help to suppress
the capsule to occur. As it blocking the route for contraction of the respiratory organ,
it also preventing the collagen which can make the capsule grows thicker to generate.
It’s 75% effective to prevent the capsular contraction to happen, but for those which
capsule has already formed, it’s hard to see an effective result.
Post-Siurgery Massage
If you do the massage treatment continuously an expanded free space can be created and
it can help to lower the possibilities of capsular contraction to happen. 2-3 days after surgery.
it’s recommended to do the ice pack, but on the third day, it’s recom-mended to do the warm
and ice pack together. Five days after the surgery, the effectiveness of doing
the icepack will lower and by this time it’s okay to go on with just the warm pack.
Cold Pack
Warm Pack


To make the blood vessel to shrink,
so that the blood will become lesser,
less pain and less swelling.
Don’t put the pack right above the surgery part,
but put it either on middle of the forehead, or
around the cheek.
Let it freeze inside the refrigerator for 20 minutes,
then press around the frozen part and cover it
with hand towel before you use it. it’s best to do
the pack in 10 minutes interval for 3 minutes each.
Increase the blood circulation and move the
waste matter so the blood can circulate faster
and lessen the bruise.
Don’t put the pack right above the surgery part,
but put it either on middle of the forehead or
around the cheek.
Soak the pack in hot water for 10 minutes or put it
for 1 minute inside the microwave and cover it well
with hand towel before using it. it’s best to do the
pack in 10 minutes interval for 3minutes each.
 Capsular Contraction Revision Surgery 
Tow types of the method can cause the danger of recurrence of contraction due to bleeding.
Nowadays. the most used method is to make the new space to reinsert the implants right above the capsule
(supra-capsular plane), etc.
* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*