Knowing Breast Surgery Right

Deciding on the Size
The standard measurement for ‘Cup’ size is below chest size and chest size.
‘Below chest size’
is referring to the crease under the breast which it the measurement’s standard of size of brassiere which is written in number.

‘Chest size’
is based on nipple position’s horizontal measurement to find out the size. Then the different between ‘below chest size’ and ‘chest size’ is being decided by the alphabet Cup’s measurement.

In other words, if the size is 85A, meaning that the below chest size is 85centimeter, while the difference between below chest size and chest size is below 7.5centimeter.

Breast augmentation is the surgery aiming to make your breast look voluminous and more charismatic, it’s not about making decisions on which implant to be used by referring to this figure during the augmentation , but since as it’ll give a different feeling as the size and shape Of augmented breast differ, the cup size can show a roughly information on how big the breast would be.
Even with the same below chest size or chest size, different chest width, whether it’s narrow or wide
will give a different feeling to your body shape.
Since chest will be the space where the implants will go inito, it’s something that has to be considered frist before getting the idea of cup.
Wide front chest
It’s either inserting a big size implant with a low or moderate profiling.
Narrow front chest
It’s either using a small size implant or using a high profile implant which has a narrow diameter.

The important standard of deciding the surgery method or making a rough prediction on the surgery result is the distance between nipple and under breast crease.
260cc implant with
11.2CM diameter ▶ radius 5.6cm
if the distance between nipple and under breast
crease is below 5.6CM before the surgery,
there’s a need to relocate the under crease lower
than before during the surgery.
For the bereast size much smaller than that,
under crease position has to be moved a lot lower.
For minimiaing the error that might happen during
the surgery, it’s either using an aerola incion
methed or a biplane-type surgery
So, when deciding a implant’s size, it’s not only about how big you want it to be,
But the an individual born chest shape, breast position, size of the breast,
aerola or under breast crease position, etc has to be taken into consideration.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*