Insufficient Nose

Grand Plastic Surgery - Full Rhinoplasty - Insufficient Nose
Grand Plastic Surgery - Full Rhinoplasty - Insufficient Nose
Grand’s Insufficient Nose is in case of having
lowered-looking nose due to improper surgery plan
or lowering of the implant over time which makes an
unsatisfactory nose esthetically rather than a beautiful nose.
However, this unsatisfactory nose can achieve the beautiful nose
by re-augmenting from the nose bridge to the tip with Revision Rhinoplasty.
The cause of problem for Revision Rhinoplasty needs to be accurately judged
to decide the method of the surgery, therefore,
very experienced surgeon has to operate for the highly satisfied result.

Low Nose

If your nose is still low even after the surgery, Customized Revision Rhinoplasty is performed considering
the one's nose size after removing the original implant.

Initailly Low Nose Tip

Nose Tip has week supporting structure compare to nose bridge, therefore, the basic structure of the nose tip should be
strengthened The pillar is set in order to support the tip strongly by using the suptum cartilage and artificial bone of nose,
then the which is inside cartilage is grafted on the top of it.

Lowered Tip over time

Your nose tip tends to be lowered or droopy over time because the structure which supports the tip strongly enough was not
created from the previous surgery.
Creating the support structure which is soft as well as strong (Redesign the basic structure with septum cartilage,
artificial bone, etc. ) with autologous cartilage maintains the shape of the nose tip properly.

Turned into blunt nose tip over time

It may happen if subcutaneous fat is not removed properly or too wide cartilage is placed over.
Subcutaneous fat is removed properly and narrower cartilage is grafted in order to make the nose tip sleek and natural.
Grand Plastic Surgery - Full Rhinoplasty - Insufficient Nose
Grand Plastic Surgery - Full Rhinoplasty - Insufficient Nose
Grand Plastic Surgery - Full Rhinoplasty - Insufficient Nose
For nose bridge- we use Gore-Tex and artificial silicon
For nose tip- we use autologous cartilage from nasal septum and ear
(Different type of material can be used depending on the nose shape and thickness of the skin)

Post-operative care for rhinoplasty is also important!

Ice-pack applying right after the surgery is helpful to reduce swelling.
After the surgery, swelling and bruises are shown differently in individuals. Avoid putting down your head or lying faced down
while sleeping. It is also helpful to support your back and neck with 2-3 soft pillows for reducing swelling or pain when sleeping.
You may have nosebleeds for initial 1-2 days from the surgery day. If nose-bleeding, please wipe out with clean tissues.
After the surgery, your nose needs to be fixed with taping till the nose settles down. (Do not take off the tapes voluntarily.)
After the surgery, drinking alcohol and smoking should be avoided for at least 3 weeks because they make scar healing prolonged.
After the surgery, blowing your nose should be avoided and wearing glasses or sunglasses should not be done for a month.
Major swelling will almost go away after a week from nose bridge while minor swelling will still remain on glabellas and nose tip.
These swelling will be shown differently and recovered slowly according to individuals.
Going for sauna or hot spring should be avoided for 3 weeks.

Every patient has the swelling after the surgery but there will be differences depending on individual constitution

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*