High double eyelid

Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – High double eyelid
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – High double eyelid
It occurs when double eyelid line has had exaggerated
design to the height and it also appears when there are
unnecessary fat tissues.
When all the swelling goes down after the surgery,
yet your eyelid still look as swelling is appearing with high
height of eyelid line then it is in need of revision surgery.
With revision surgery we need to know exact
cause to choose the right surgery method and
to have desired result you should take procedure
with well experienced specialist.

High double eyelid (slight)

Slightly high double eyelid could be easily solved by incision method

High double eyelid (excessive)

Excessively high double eyelid could go on a revision progress of using
dermal fat graft from groin area if needed.

Sausage eyelid (slight)

Simply reducing amount of muscle on the lower part of double eyelid.
Simply correcting to weaken the strength of double eyelid.

Sausage eyelid (excessive)

Usually it is combined with ‘High double eyelid (excessive)’
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – High double eyelid

Revision Surgery_

With revision surgery it is important to reduce height of the double eyelid to a normal shape, removing scar and fat tissues together to make a natural line.

Incision method performed in primary surgery

We lower down double eyelid line including scar from incision to set a new line or removing unnecessary skin from the puffy(sausage) area.

Non incision method performed at primary surgery

Within two weeks time after the surgery, we could loosen non incision area to make a new double eyelid line however if it went over the time we need to go through with incision method since the line has already been settled.

Failure of ptosis correction

Revision surgery should be done by incision method including ptosis correction, lowering down height of double eyelid according to the amount of skin that is left on the eyelid with compatible method.
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose – High double eyelid

After care of eye surgery is also important!

Ice-pack will help with bruises and swelling. Use it straight after the surgery until major swelling goes down.
Bruising or swelling may occur depending on every individual, try to avoid bending down with your head or sleep on your stomach, use 2 to 3 comfy pillows on your head during sleep, it will help with the swelling and pain.
Do not cry a lot Do not cry a lot (avoid tears), do not strongly rub your eyelid and also avoid tightly closing eyes.
Try to avoid drinking and smoking for 3 to 4 weeks as it will make scars to heal slowly.
Do not wear contact lenses for 3 weeks. Wear glasses or sunglasses during the period.
Fake eyelashes can be applied 1 month after the surgery.
Avoid going to hot dry sauna for 3 weeks.

Every patient has swelling after the surgery, however depending

on individual constitution may affect the condition.

*Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patient's individual case.*