Facial Contouring Surgery for Male

Male Facial Contouring_ Male Facial Contouring
Male Facial Contouring Surgery Before & After

What is Grand’s Male Facial Contouring Surgery?
Man's surgery
Even if he has handsome eyes, nose and lips,
if he has uneven and rough facial line,
it may give off unkind image.
At GRAND, Prestige Male Facial Contouring surgery designs
the face from the forehead down to the chin line meticulously
before the surgery. We create your new attractive
image with precision and safety.

The most important factor in male plastic surgery
is looking ‘natural’. For male, it is difficult to put on
make up to hide or accentuate features of the face.
Therefore, very seamless and natural looking
double eyelid, high nose bridge and masculine
facial line are popular and preferred.

Why Grand’s Male Facial Contouring Surgery?
Man's surgery
It is possible to adjust the minor angle of the upper and lower jaw for the surgery to match masculine image.
We diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint related disease while the plastic surgeon delivers
aesthetic satisfaction. We strive to increase the functionality and maintain the masculinity simultaneously.
It is possible to adjust the location of upper jaw and lower jaw to create more masculine image.
For male, it is difficult to put on make up to hide or accentuate features of the face.
Therefore, very seamless and natural looking facial contouring surgeries are popular and preferred.
Male Facial Contouring surgery is performed by taking individual condition into consideration.

What is the advantage of Grand’s Male Facial Contouring Surgery?
Man's surgery

Solve overall problems of
facial contour at once!!
Simultaneously take care of
cheekbone and square jaw

By taking into consideration each
individual's facial features and image
complex issues are solved at once and actual
size of the face can become smaller.
Cheekbone and jaw line should not be viewed
as separate part but parts of the lines
that make overall facial line. That way
the face is shaped to achieve a natural result.

Grand makes the incision line small and
tighten up the muscle so that cheek
saggying after the surgery is minimized.
If the amount of bone taken out is too much,
various lifting treatment such skin
tightening is combined.
Accurate diagnosis of one's condition is
possible through various equipments like
3D CT scan. Then surgery is planned
so that highly precise and safe
surgery is possible.

Smooth line with barely
any skin saggying!
Highly accurate
and safe surgery

While maintaining masculine image, we perform surgery one particular facial area
if that area is overly developed in order to create smoother facial line.
If there are multiple over-developed areas, not only does it give off strong and rough image
but also give off big face, it is beneficial to undergo number of surgeries together.
Over-developed Square Jaw, cheekbone and brow bone is transformed into a sleek and
smooth shape through Grand’s Male Prestige Facial Contouring Surgery

Grnad performs Male Facial Contouring Surgery using laser.
By using water and laser, heat damage and vibration is minimized.
This allows smooth cutting of the bone during facial contouring surgeries.

 01| Less damage to bone compared to cutting with saw. 
 Laser light is accelerating cell division
 so it helps combining reproduction. 
 03|  Less damage and hemorrhage to blood vessel, and soft tissue. 
 04| Less bleeding. 
 05| Minimized danger of surgery process. 

Through accurate measurement using 3D CT scan,
we complete beautiful facial line.

The complication which can occur during the surgery or due to patient’s
personal anatomical difference (such as numbness from nerve damages,
excessive bleeding from abnormal anatomical structure,
verification of whether or not it is possible to make free airway during
eneral anesthesia) can be pre diagnose so the operation time and the recovery
time can be reduced by analyzing the surgical method scientifically.

It is difficult to have an accurate diagnosis through existing 2D
(such as panorama, X-Rays), because it shows the face as flat view.
‘Scientific analysis’ and ‘systematic post-op treatment’
influence the surgical outcome.

Grand’s medical professional collaborative system
Man's surgery
Grand’s two jaw surgery/facial contouring surgery offers 1:1 customer care
with comfortable treatment and postoperative care by systematicall
accurate collaborative system and composition of medical professionals
Grand’s Facial Contouring Center Collaborative System

 Plastic Surgery
 Oral Surgery
 Facial Contouring
 Specialist Anesthesia
 Team Internist

 Post Surgery Treatment
 with an exclusive supervision
Surgery plan, treatment and aftercare system by two jaw/ facial contouring surgery specialist
Collaborative system for two jaw surgery, protruding mouth surgery and orthognathic surgery
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Check up and treatment system pre and post-surgery for patient with chronic disease such
as high blood pressure, diabetes, angina pectoris, etc.
Jaw / Facial Contouring Specialist "Exclusive Supervision Post-Surgery System"
Emergency ManagementIntensive Treatment CenterAnesthesia SpecialistSterilized System

Self generated electricity system
in case of local blackout (UPS)
Defibrillator that controls heartbeat
Emergency cart to prepare
for emergency
We have an equipment and skill
to react swiftly and accurately on
emergency situation that might
happen during a jaw / facial
contouring surgery.
After the surgery, to get
ready for any emergency
that migh happen,
the patients were being
treated in an intensive
treatment center.
The anesthesia specialist
concentrates to
check up on patient’s
heartbeat and
respiration condition.
To provide a safe and
clean surgery and
treatment, we make
use of high tech
sanitize and sterilizer
to had a thorough
sterilized system.

Who would be a good candidate for Male Facial Contouring Surgery?
Man's surgery

Those who
have big and
angular face
when viewed
from the front
Those who
have thick
bone which
makes the chin
look wide
Those with less
face which
breaks the
overall harmony
of the face
Those who
have nice eyes
nose and lips
but big face
Those who are
not satisfied
with just
one surgery

 After care is 

 important for Grand’s Barbie Volume Forehead Surgery 

After the surgery, using ice-pack will help with bruises and swelling.
Use it straight after the surgery until the time swelling goes away.

Fasting for a day after the surgery and taking soft food
(thin rice gruel, juice, milk and drinkable liquid food) is recommended.

Taking normal food is possible 2 weeks after the surgery, however
cut side dishes into pieces and eat solid food 4 weeks after the surgery

Wear compression band for 3-4 days after the surgery and avoid bending head down or lying on the stomach.
Sleeping with 2-3 pillows under the head will help with subsiding pain

Gargle to keep clean inside the mouth after taking meal in order to prevent
inflammation and infection inside the mouth

Smoking and drinking will slow down healing wound.
If unavoidable, they are possible 3-4 weeks after the surgery

Going through heavy shock should be avoided
Every patient has swelling after the surgery,
however depending on quantity matter and individual constitution may affect the condition

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*