EZ Lift

No incisions! No scarring! Fast Recovery!

Long-lasting results with collagen production!

Long-lasting results with collagen production

How was EZ-Lift invented?

Anti-aging treatment is very popular these days. An increase in the aging population and a rise in income helped create this trend.
Laser rejuvenation treatment can be done to improve wrinkles at the early stage of the aging process; however, surgical treatment is needed for severe wrinkles and loose skin. The most common surgical method for a face lift is the traditional thread lifting and full face lift with incisions. A full face lift is the most effective and permanent procedure; however, its long recovery time and incision scar make it difficult to apply to all patients.

Anti-aging surgeries must be performed by experienced surgeons. Nowadays, minimal incision methods are becoming very popular in the plastic surgery field due to its short recovery period and lack of scarring. Recently, a surgical method that is based on thread lifting created attention in the Unites States. For the most stable and long-lasting effect, the type of thread is very important.
EZ-lift became popular for its special thread which is more even, has more bumps and has a better lifting effect than the traditional thread lifting.

Surgical procedures and compositions of EZ-Lift

The thread is composed of Polypropylen Monofilament and has 2 to 3 times more bumps than existing threads. Also, it’s more durable and flexible.

Long-lasting results with collagen production

The threads are fixed behind the temples and deep temporal fascia. Then the threads are pulled with certain force depending on how loose the skin is.

The threads are inserted behind the temples.
Deep Sub-Q Layer is performed for Mid-Face cases.
In order to prevent a sunken area, it’s important to thread the skin delicately.
When the needle is going in, the right hand is used to push the skin gently
forward while the left hand is used to take care of the end of the needle.
It’s important to gently touch the skin around the stitches when each stitch is
made so that the needle can hang on the bump properly.
If both sides of the face are to be equally designed, the symmetry of the face is checked when the procedure is about 70% done.
During the last stage of surgery, the threads are pressed as hard as possible and are cut vertically.
The threads above the skin surface need to be pressed downward and let go of the bump at the end.
If the threads need to be taken out, the incision behind the temple is opened up and a hook is inserted to take off the threads.
Long-lasting results with collagen production

Long-lasting results with collagen production

01. Long-lasting results due to distributed supporting points.

02. Fast recovery because there are no incisions.

03. The surgery takes about 30 minutes, with almost no bruising or swelling.

04. It doesn’t just have a physical lifting effect, but a physiological effect of producing collagen as
      well since the thread is inserted into the hypoderm.

Postoperative care
01. Bandages/tapes are removed on the 7th day of post-surgery, and the temple incision area is disinfected.

02. Showering is possible from the 2nd day of post-surgery. Hair must be washed in a similar way to a hair salon.

03. It may feel uncomfortable while chewing for 7 days after surgery.

04. Big facial expressions and over-eating must be avoided for 4 weeks after surgery.

05. Corrective facial garments must be worn for 2-3 months after surgery.

06. High Radio Frequency treatments or facial massages should be avoided for 2 months after surgery.

07. Sleeping in a propped up position with low pillows is recommended.

08. Vitamin C helps collagen production.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*