Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

 Dual Plane Breast Augmentation
 Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

Location for breast implant insertion can be divided into: above breast muscle, beneath muscle and beneath breast tissue
Implant insertion location is separated such as partial under the muscle and partial under the breast tissue,
It is safe and naturally full breast can be created which is Grand’s effective Dual Plane Breast Augmentation.
Existing Breast Augmentation

Implant insertion above muscle
Implant insertion under the muscle
It is a method to insert implant under breast
tissue on top of breast muscle
It is a method to insert implant under the
muscle through endoscopic armpit incision method
It is suitable with a lot of breast tissue and volume,
and this method is used for spread breast
shape or saggy breast
The implant is inserted under breast tissue so if those
who have less breast tissue, then implant can be felt
and it is possible to reposition upper breast
by muscular contracture
This method is suitable for those who have small size
breast and it is possible for breast feeding
after breast augmentation. Also, the
implant do not affect breast cancer examination
The breast might appear unnatural when it comes to the
movement because it moves along with the muscle

GRAND Dual Plane Breast Augmentation is
Upper part of implant is for under the breast muscle
Lower part of implant is for under the mammary gland
This method is inserting implant both above and under the muscle
so it is an effective way who has small size breast or saggy breast

and also up to dated breast augmentation operation method

It is effective for any shape of breast,
it naturally augments saggy breast and there is no risk of implant reposition since muscle under the breast line put pressure
It is a high level surgery which requires delicate and precise surgery,
breast specialist with a lot of experience should perform surgery.
The touch is almost as original breast because of the implant covered safely for long period of time,
and it is different method than the basic method so the implant is less visible at the edge of breast.
Also, there is less possibility to reposition the implant after the surgery because there is not pressure on the muscle.
Therefore, GRAND overcomes the demerits that inserting the implant top of muscle and under the muscle.
Provide satisfaction by fixing even the most delicate differences of 1mm
for breast surgery, it gives you an effective breast surgery by using endoscopic equipment which can increase your satisfaction
and accuracy of the surgery.
Using the High tech 3D Full Endoscopy during the surgery
to improve the effectiveness and safety of the surgery.
Using the most high tech endoscopic equipment, we can get an even more detailed and accurate breast structure,
By minimizing the range of incision and being able to put in the implant
and get the most exact position is GRAND’s most high tech surgery technique.
With GRAND’s specialists who have lots of experience and know-how,
and by using 3D FULL HD to get the accurate part for surgery and higher the safety and accuracy rate of the surgery.

Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

Aftercare is also important after Breast Surgery

A simple shower is possible after 7 days.
(Don’t soak the surgery part with water or staying in the hot temperature place for a long time)
it’s better to avoid going to sauna or hot spring until one month after the surgery.
There’s no problem for light exercise such as jogging, but it is advised to avoid heavy exercise for at least 1 month.
No drinking and smoking 2 weeks before the surgery and 4weeks after surgery.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*