Deficient Double eyelid

Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose ? Deficient Double eyelid
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose ? Deficient Double eyelid
It happens when insufficient detailed analysis
has made from an individual to have unsuitable
design to result with low double eyelid or loosened
double eyelid. That is when you could consider
having revision surgery.
With revision surgery we need to know exact cause to choose the
right surgery method and to have desired result you should
take procedure with well experienced specialist.

High double eyelid (slight)

There are three main cases with getting low double eyelid.
1) Made to have low double eyelid line and when swelling subsided,
it settled as inner double eyelid.
2) When double eyelid has loosened
3) With aging matter eyelid skin started to get droopy which covers double eyelid
With no.1,2 case, depending on the case we could lift up or make it again to have double
eyelid line with incision or non-incisional method. With no.3 case, parts of droopy skin
will be removed as well as making new double eyelid but there is not much difference with
primary double eyelid surgery.

High double eyelid (excessive)

Excessively high double eyelid could go on a revision progress of using
dermal fat graft from groin area if needed.
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose ? Deficient Double eyelid
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose ? Deficient Double eyelid

Revision_ Low Double eyelid

As time passes, with skin droopiness it could look as there are no double eyelids or have low double eyelid even though during the surgery the size of the line was moderate. Also at primary surgery, having pressure of getting high double eyelid could result to have unsatisfied thin double eyelid line.

Made to have very thin double eyelid line

Detachment in existing double eyelid line or neglecting existing double eyelid line and make newly defined double eyelid line to get it settled which will solve the problem.

Skin covering eyelid lines to make double eyelid to look thin

Removing droopy skin with incision method to correct in the revision surgery

Revision_ Loosened Double eyelid

If eyelids are thick and have large amount of fat but did not remove them during non-incision method, it could make double eyelid line to weaken or get loosened. If it had simply loosened there is no need of getting incision, it could be easily solved with natural adhesion method or non-incision method.

When removal of fat or muscle is needed

With incision method to lower double eyelid line and then removing tissue from the line between existing and newly made double eyelid.

When removal of fat or muscle is not needed

Revision surgery of 2-3mm partial incision method
Grand Plastic Surgery - Eyes & Nose ? Deficient Double eyelid

After care of eye surgery is also important!

Ice-pack will help with bruises and swelling. Use it straight after the surgery until major swelling goes down.
Bruising or swelling may occur depending on every individual, try to avoid bending down with your head or sleep on your stomach, use 2 to 3 comfy pillows on your head during sleep, it will help with the swelling and pain.
Do not cry a lot Do not cry a lot (avoid tears), do not strongly rub your eyelid and also avoid tightly closing eyes.
Try to avoid drinking and smoking for 3 to 4 weeks as it will make scars to heal slowly.
Do not wear contact lenses for 3 weeks. Wear glasses or sunglasses during the period.
Fake eyelashes can be applied 1 month after the surgery.
Avoid going to hot dry sauna for 3 weeks.

Every patient has swelling after the surgery, however depending

on individual constitution may affect the condition.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*