Correction of asymmetrical face

Correction of asymmetrical face

Correction of asymmetrical face

What is Two Jaw Surgery Asymmetry Correction?
Facial contouring surgery

We call “Facial Asymmetry” when there is a symptom
or sign of asymmetrical face due to unbalanced right
and left side of face which usually is caused by an
abnormal development of facial bone specially unmatched
nasal tip and lower chin
Everyone have a bit of facial asymmetry, however,
if the degree is severe which causes temporomandibular
pain as well as trouble chewing,
Grand’s asymmetry correction is necessary.

Facial Asymmetry Self Diagnosis
Lips are crooked.
Front teeth center line is unmatched.
Chin is deviated to one side.
Mouth is crooked to one side or size is different.
Nose and eye level is deviated to one side.

Types of Facial Asymmetry.

Center line is normal
but size of left and
right chin is different.

Center line is slanted
with long face lantern

Center line is slanted
with protruding mouth
or weak chin.

Contour of left and
right chin is

We try to create ideal proportion that fits each individual with numerous experience and know-how to perform asymmetry correction using two jaw surgery by thoroughly analyzing through 3D-CT scan.
‘Two Jaw/ Facial Contouring Surgery is Grand’
Asymmetry correction following cause and symptom is possible at Grand.
Functional occlusion is normal,
but chin is protruding due to
overly growth of chin bone.
Not only occlusion is abnormal,
chin is protruded due to
chin growth abnormality.

After 3 months
After 3 months

Improvement with Long Chin Correction
Improvement with Long Face Two Jaw Surgery

In case for facial asymmetry type with long face, lantern jaw and malocclusion, two jaw surgery is necessary.

Functional effect
aesthetical effect
Grand’s Asymmetry
orrection with
Two Jaw Surgery

Grand’s asymmetry correction corrects center of tip chin at once to solve not only facial asymmetry but as well as long face and lantern face at the same time for great aesthetical effect, and functional problem caused by maloclussion to trouble chewing and temporomandibular pain can be also solved.

Grand performs two jaw surgery using laser
Facial contouring operation can be done without heating damage and vibration to gently cut bone
using water and laser.
 01| Less damage to bone compared to cutting with saw. 
 02| Laser helps bone cells to regenerate to heal quickly. 
 03| Less damage and hemorrhage to blood vessel, and soft tissue. 
 04| Less hemorrhage. 
 05| Minimized danger of surgery process. 

Why Grand’s Two Jaw Asymmetry Correction?
Facial contouring surgery
Grand’s Asymmetry Correction with Two Jaw Surgery adjusts overall facial balance
Accurate face
structure diagnosis
due to 3D
Asymmetry face >
Transformation to
three dimensional
small face
Excision with
delicate and
ideal proportion
No Micro

Asymmetry correction with safe two jaw surgery
Asymmetry correction with two jaw surgery is a surgery to fracture face bone where various nerves
and blood vessels are, therefore, experienced skilled specialist should perform this surgery.
Grand accurately analyzes face with 3D and takes priority to cut without touching nerves, therefore,
safe surgery is even possible for advanced surgery.

Asymmetry face> Transformation to three dimensional small face
Three dimensional face line can be achieved with not only correcting existing center line of slanted
face line, but also with change in structure as well as reduction.

No Mior Effect
Balanced reductive effect can be expected due to overall face reduction as well as shape change. Result and satisfaction rate is high by performing surgery considering overall face as a one face line and trims to fix center line of face.

Thorough after care and recovery system
Grand tries to minimize daily life discomfort and shorten recovery period by thorough after care system to reduce swelling and pain after lower jaw surgery.

Realizing beautiful face line by accurate measurement 3D CT scan.
Scientific analyzation as well as shortening recovery time by minimizing operation time is possible due to diagnosis complications (paresthesia due to nerve damage, excessive bleeding during the surgery due to abnormal anatomical structure, definite diagnosis to check if free airway is difficult during general anesthesia, prediction of free airway after the surgery) in advance.

It is difficult for an accurate diagnosis with existing 2D (panorama, X-ray) system due to an error by showing three dimensional face to flatways.

‘Scientific Diagnosis’ and ‘Complex Therapy’ influence surgery result.
Accurate analysis
through 3D CT

Grand’s Two Jaw Surgery Asymmetry Correction Method
Facial contouring surgery

In case for deviated lower jaw without slanted occlusal surface, this can be fixed with lower jaw surgery.
In case for unmatched face center line with slanted occlusal surface, this can be fixed with two jaw surgery.

Asymmetry correction with lower jaw surgery (lower jaw asymmetry)
If symptom is minor, lower jaw
surgery is necessary to move lower
jaw to the center.

Asymmetry correction with two jaw surgery (both upper and lower jaw asymmetry)
Surgery to move bone to its original position can be
required depends on asymmetrical condition, however,
if there is a problem from upper jaw’s slope,
lower jaw will be moved to the center after
horizontally cutting upper jaw and fixing to the right

Grand’s medical professionals collaborative system
Facial contouring surgery

Grand’s two jaw surgery / facial contouring surgery offers 1:1 customer care
with comfortable treatment and postoperative care by systematically accurate collaborative
system and composition of medical professionals
GRAND Two Jaw/ Facial Contouring Collaborative System
 Plastic Surgery
 Oral Surgery
 Team of Anesthesiologist
 for Facial Contouring Surgery

 Post surgery treatment
 under exclusive supervision
Surgery plan, treatment and aftercare system by two jaw/ facial contouring surgery specialist
Collaborative system for two jaw surgery, protruding mouth surgery and orthognathic surgery
Pre, post operative care and pre, post check up for general anesthesia for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and angina
Complex therapy system for safe surgery result through close preliminary measurement and internal check up before the surgery
‘Post Surgery Exclusive Supervision System’ from two jaw/ facial contouring surgery medical staffs
Emergency ManagementIntersive Care UnitCertified AnesthesiologistsDisinfectant System

Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)
in case of local black out
Defibrillator that controls heartbeat
Emergency cart to prepare
for emergency
We have equipment and skills to react
swiftly and accurately on emergency
situation that might happen during
two jaw / facial contouring surgery.

Prepare for any emergency
that could happen with
intensively managed care

meticulously checks each
patient’s heart beat and
breathing condition

Established with thorough
disinfectant system with
most advanced various
sterilizer and sterilant
for safe and clean surgery
and treatment.

Who need Two Jaw Surgery Asymmetry Correction?
Facial contouring surgery

Those whose face
center line is
Those whose face
center line is
deviated with
Those whose face
center line is
deviated with long
face lantern jaw
Those whose face
center line is
deviated with
protruding mouth
or weak chin

Grand’s medical professionals and collaborative system
Facial contouring surgery

It deals with the main structure
of one’s face(facial contour)
so it is different from that
of the existing eyes or nose
surgery. It makes more clear
and refreshed image, thus an
‘image surgery’.

It is like other facial contouring
surgeries, the outline of face
would have overall change
so it must be designed by
considering the whole image
and visual effect around
nose and lips which might be
accompanie with the surgery.

Medical photos and an x-ray
of the whole face are
taken one week before the
surgery, so the result
is minutely planned.

This kind of
‘planned surgery system’
gives the beauty which cannot
be compared to other hospitals
which performs operation
with only surgeon’s
hunch and sense.

 After care is also important after Two Jaw Surgery! 

It is advised to use ice pack right after the surgery until swelling goes down.
Fasting for a day after the surgery and taking soft food (thin rice gruel, juice, milk and drinkable liquid food) is recommended.
Taking normal food is possible 2 weeks after the surgery, however, cut side dishes into pieces and eat solid food 4 weeks after the surgery.
Wear compression band for 3-4 days after the surgery and avoid bending head down or lying on the stomach. Sleeping with 2-3 pillows under the head will help with subsiding pain.
Gargle to keep clean inside the mouth after taking meal in order to prevent inflammation and infection inside the mouth.
Smoking and drinking will slow down healing wound. If unavoidable, they are possible 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
Going through heavy shock should be avoided.
Swelling after the surgery occurs to everybody, it differs depending on each individual’s constitution.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*