Circular Eye Surgery

Circular Eye Surgery
Circular Eye Surgery
Circular Eye Surgery

Grand’s Circular Eye Surgery is for the eyes being flat and stuffy (due to single eyelids and blepharoptosis) to make innocent and attractive eyes through having double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty and non-incision ptosis correction at once.

By adjusting strength of eyelids’ muscles, droopy eyelids are lifted up, which results in making defined eyes with extended size.
No scars will remain and swelling will be minor as the surgery is a non-incision method which alternatively
makes tiny holes for connecting muscles (functioning to open eyes) to eyelids.
With the eye size being extended, defined facial impression can be made.
Design for the surgery is done after analyzing the patient’s overall facial shape, nose, and skin and the structure around eyes.
It is a customized surgery which decreases the possibility to get double eyelids unraveled and
increases the satisfaction of the design.
Circular Eye Surgery
Circular Eye Surgery is for small eyes looking stuffy and flat to correct ptosis, to make natural double and to extend
the eye size through double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty and ptosis correction at once. This surgery is used
in the case of eyes that cannot be improved with double eyelid surgery or ptosis correction only. With lifting eyelids
covering part of eyeballs, ptosis correction brings the effect that eyeballs become bright and clear as similar as
wearing eyelids, circle lenses.
Circular Eye Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery

Naturally beautiful eyes can be made after regarding the patient’s eye shape and facial structure, not
considering the eye size only. Grand’s double eyelid surgery makes the most natural and beautiful double eyelids
which are unnoticeable that the surgery has been done.

Ptosis Correction

Ptosis correction is to let eyes normally work to open by correcting the eyes that look sleepy or correcting the
eyelids that cover part of eyeballs, which both are caused by the loosen muscles used in opening eyes.
The correction is also to get 80-90% of eyeballs exposed by adjusting the strength of the muscle’s tension.


With the effect of epicanthoplasty, the eye length can be extended as well as soft facial impression can be
Furthermore, by lifting and fixing the muscles, there will be no worry about scars remained or re-adhesion
occred sometimes made. in exisitng epicanthoplasty but the satisfactory effect can be achieved.

Circular Eye Surgery

Post-operative management of Grand’s Circular Eye Surgery

Right after the surgery, it is help to apply an ice-pack continuously till swelling gets subsided.
After the surgery, you may have bruises and swelling that are shown differently person to person. When sleeping, avoid putting the head down or lying upside down. 2-3 soft pillows are useful in reducing swelling and pain while sleeping.
It should be avoided to be teary, rub eyelids hardly or close eyes tightly.
After the surgery, avoid drinking or smoking for at least 3-4weeks since they cause delaying scar healing process.
Wearing lenses should be avoided for 3weeks. During this period, please wear glasses or sunglasses instead.
It is possible to put on simple eye makeup after 2weeks and to have eyelash extension after 1month.
It should be avoided going for sauna or hot spring for 3weeks.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*