Brow Bone Reduction

Brow Bone Reduction FFS Facial Contouring

What is Brow Bone Reduction?
Brow Bone Reduction
Eyebrow bone that is excessively protruded than forehead
line can give dull impression for man and hinder soft feminine image for woman by
focusing attention to uplifted eyebrows than other features.
When lacking forehead volume or forehead itself is severely sunken,
implant correction is possible, however, reducing eyebrow bone is effective
when the height of forehead is enough But eyebrow bone is protruding.

If you want soft forehead line starting from forehead, eyebrow and from eyebrow to starting point of the
nose or if you want more feminine forehead line, Grand’s Frontal Sinus Reduction is the answer.

Why Grand’s Brow Bone Reduction?
Brow Bone Reduction
Eyebrow bone that supports eyebrow has distinct man and woman’s appearance characteristic,
there is an advantage that soft and feminine image can be provided by brow bone reduction.
You may expect not only soft feminine image but as well as younger looking effect
if you have lifting procedure together to improve saggy forehead skin and elasticity when
having brow bone reduction.
Delicate and
soft curve excision
for slim forehead
line correction
Moderate and
accurate bone
excision amount
Delicate surgery
with FDA approved
equipment and

Protruding eyebrow bone that gives strong masculine image
Grand analysis degree of protrusion of eyebrow bone and proceeds with
suitable reduction method, softly corrects upper facial image
by shaving method without fracturing eyebrow bone

Grand Theft Method of Grand Duchess
Brow Bone Reduction
1. Protruding eyebrow bone as like
    man’s structure
2. Protruding eyebrow bone as like
    man’s structure
3. Improved to a soft and
    feminine image
When eyebrow bone is protruded
when forehead volume is enough
Create soft curve by only shaving eyebrow
bone and keeping forehead volume
Incision will be made inside hairline and performing lifting surgery together
minimizes surgery trace during brow bone reduction

Eyebrow Bone
(Shaving area)
Incision Line
Uniformly perforated circuit
Parallel operation of
lifting procedure



Who need Brow Bone Reduction?
Brow Bone Reduction

Those who have
eyebrow bone
with high forehead
Those whose
eyebrow bone is
catches eyes first than
other facial features
Those who often
get confused about
gender from others
Those whose upper
face look protruded
after implant surgery

 Aftercare is also important for 

 Brow Bone Reductiony 

Applying icepack right after surgery until swelling subside helps after surgery.

Please fast for a day after surgery and eat soft food (porridge, juice, milk or liquid food) for 7 days.

Normal food intake is possible 2 weeks after surgery, however,
cut side dishes into pieces and eat solid food 4 weeks after surgery.

Please wear compression bandage for 3-4 days after surgery, try to avoid bending head down or sleeping on stomach
Putting 2-3 puffy pillows under the head when sleeping will help to subside pain.

Please gargle well to keep mouth clean to prevent inflammation an infection inside the mouth.

Smoking and drinking will slow healing process, it is advised to avoid them for 3-4 weeks after surgery.

lease be careful with strong impact during the recovery after surgery.
Swelling and bruising occur for everyone however,
it may vary depending on each individual’s constitution.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*