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HomeBreastRevision Surgery



Implant replacement
Implant replacement + Breast lift

Healthy breasts by improving issues from previous surgery

Breast Revision Surgery


Realistic breast shape and texture changing by upper
body movement

Through surgery technique considering the chest shape and body type, movement of actual breasts such as spreading when laying down and shaking when running can be expressed.


3D FULL HD Endoscopic surgery, perfect preservation of
breast sensation

Accurate dissection can be done with 3D FULL HD endoscope which allows to preserve the sensation of breast and Papilla.


Minimal incision technique, minimizing the pain and

No concerns of pain or scarring as detailed surgery is done through minimal incision site.


Considering possible pregnancy, child birth, and breast feeding,
recovery of lost self-esteem

Surgery is performed considering all circumstances such as pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding, as well as recovering the self-esteem that has been lost with previous surgery failure.

Complete Change

To prevent the failures from
being repeated

Key of success for breast revision surgery,
Grand Plastic Surgery

  • Rich know-hows of
    breast surgery
    Specialists with anatomical
    knowledge of breast as well as
    rich breast surgery know-hows,
    will create healthy and
    beautiful breasts.

  • Customized surgery
    with compensation of the
    drawbacks from 1st surgery.
    After in-depth analysis of the
    primary surgery, most suitable
    breast surgery is performed
    considering the reason
    of first surgeries' failure.

  • Full volume with
    autologous fat grafting
    On flat areas of the breast that can
    not be filled with implant, fat
    grafting is done to maximize
    the elasticity and volume
    of breast.

  • Healing of
    broken heart
    The broken heart is cured as
    well and lost self-esteem is
    recovered through successful
    breast revision surgery

What is the right revision surgery for me?

Grand Customized Consulting

Various dissatisfaction
from implants

Implant revision surgery

Various dissatisfaction

from implants

Adding volume on breasts
that is not filled with implant

Autologus fat grafting

Adding volume on breasts that is not

filled with implant

Natural result for all cases

Implant Revision Surgery

  • Surgery duration2-2.5 hours

  • Types of anesthesiaIV sedation

  • HospitalizationSame-Day Discharge

  • Stitch removal2-3 weeks

After the surgery

Revision surgery is decided due to various reasons such as dissatisfaction of implant size, implant deformation and capsular contracture.
Grand Plastic Surgery creates most natural revision surgery result by considering individual's breast frame, chest size, elasticity of tissues and general body structure for the surgery.

  • Size/ shape
    dissatisfaction CASE

    Size dissatisfaction Previous implant is replaced with a new, suitable sized implant.

    Shape dissatisfaction Previous implant is re-positioned to correct the shape.

  • Capsular
    contracture CASE

    Reason Inflammation, immune degradation forming excessive protective membrane which causes the breasts to harden.

    Solution Thickened membrane is removed completely or partially, changing the implant to a different type or changing the position of previous implant.

  • Asymmetry

    Reason Throughout the settlement of implant, movement of the chest and each arm may affect the positioning of implant causing it to be asymmetrical.

    Solution Previous implant is replaced with a new, suitable sized implant.

  • Damaged
    implant CASE

    Reason Capsular contracture has occurred due to implant damage, or the breast deformed due to saline bag implant damage.

    Solution After removing the previous implant, a new one is inserted through the same incision site made for previous surgery.

Preventing errors as small as 1mm
3D Full HD Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

3D full-HD endoscope is used for Grand Breast Augmentation.
Endoscope allows minimizing damage of tissues and nerves by showing the inner tissues of breasts
during surgery and accurately creating space to place the implant through detailed dissection.

  • Minimized
    possibility of

  • Minimized

  • Accurate

  • Fast recovery

Implant revision surgery is suitable for those

  • Who have hardened breasts due to capsular contracture.
  • Whose implant is deformed or damaged
  • Who have asymmetrical breasts after surgery
  • Who is dissatisfied with breast shape after surgery

Dual correction of implant replacement and lifting of saggy breasts

Implant revision + Breast lift

  • Surgery duration4 - 4.5 hours

  • Types of anesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia

  • HospitalizationSame-Day Discharge

  • Stitch removal2-3 weeks

After the surgery

In case of breast revision and breast lift are needed at the same time, breast lift can be done together along with implant replacement. The most suitable surgery method is chosen for each patient and right implants are chosen for replacement so that perky, firm breasts can be obtained once again.

  • Areola incision

  • Vertical incision

Desired size and shape of breasts can be obtained

  • In case of breast sagging due to aging, breast replacement suitable for individual body structure along with breast list are done together to correct the sagging breasts.
  • When replacing to smaller implants compared to existing ones, breast sagging is prevented by performing breast lift on remaining breast tissues.
  • Incision method gets determined by droopiness :
    areola incision or vertical incision

Breast replacement + breast lift is suitable for those

  • Who wish to replace the existing implants to a smaller size
  • Who wish to have breast revision in a more natural way
  • Who wish to tighten the sagging breasts
  • Who is not satisfied with their breasts shape even after breast surgery

‘Better Together’

Grand Breast Surgery Package



Breast revision surgery

Sagging breast/ Breast reduction


Inverted nipple/
Projected nipple

Breast revision surgery

Nipple surgery

Completed system with the latest
medical equipments

GRAND offers the most
advanced techniques

CCTV Observation

The guardians who have agreed in advance can observe the entire operation process in real time at CCTV observation room.


Anesthesiologists who were former university professor is present during the surgery and real-time monitoring system is equipped to check all possible situation during general anesthesia.

Surgery real-name

All the medical staffs at Grand Plastic Surgery are conscientious. Patient's surgeon will be in charge of the entire process from consultation to surgery and post-operative care to prevent damage from ghost surgery and substitute surgeon.

Emergency system fully

Grand Plastic Surgery operating rooms are fully equipped with a University hospital-level safety system, including a cardiac defibrillator for emergencies, an emergency kit, and a UPS self-generating power system in case of a power outage.

Air circulator

Air circulator that can supply clean air, elimination of dust and germs, is fully equipped in OR to prevent infection.

Management of
medical tools

All medical tools that can be easily contaminated are thoroughly sanitized and sterilized for prevention of infection.

Management of

Professional laundry services are used for patient gowns, scrubs, OP drapes, etc. to aim the sanitized laundry through strict monitoring of infection or inflammation.

Management of
inpatient rooms

Comfortable inpatient rooms are available to ease the whole surgery process of foreign patients. Professional, detailed care services are offered during their stay.

Collaboration of specialists in various fields for professional, high-quality customized solution for each patient

Grand Plastic Surgery has a systematic care system consisted of various specialists such as plastic surgeon, dermatologist, oral & maxillofacial surgeon, and anesthesiologist.
Improvement in patient’s appearance in most ideal, beautiful way is possible as 1:1 customized surgery is planed through detailed examination.

No. 1 in Plastic Surgery - Brand Award

2019 Medical Korea Awards

2019 Medical Korea Awards
- Grand Prize in Plastic Surgery

No. 1 in Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery

2019 Healthy Life Forum

Sponsored by Russian Ministry of Health
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+
Invited Speaker Speech Rhee Sewhan, M.D.

No. 1 in Anti-Aging Brand Awards

2018 KCAI

2018 KCAI (Korean Consumer Appraisal Index)
- Grand Prize in Anti-Aging Surgery

Giving & Sharing - Social Contribution Activity

2016 Mongolian Red Cross

Mongolian Red Cross Appreciation Plaque
Surgery and treatment volunteer for
disadvantaged group

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Airport Transfer Service

Professional driver is assigned for patients from other countries to assist them from/to the airport to clinic.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Hotel Reservation Service

We provide hotel reservation service for patient's comfort before and after surgery.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


24-hour Direct Consulting Service

24-hour direct consulting service is possible for patients residing outside of Korea. Consultation will be arranged to be at the time upon patient requests.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


1:1 Translator Service

Consultants in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Thai assist patients throughout the whole process of Consultation-Surgery-Recovery-Post-operative care-Discharge.

Grand Plastic Surgery
Special Service
for International Patients


Multilingual Website

We provide accurate information about plastic surgery by operating our website in multiple languages for international patients. Please request an online consultation for a prompt reply.

Please follow the instructions for
the best results of the surgery!

Before and after
surgery guide

Before surgery
  • 1On the day of surgery, it’s recommended to dress comfortably and to bring a hat, sunglasses, glasses, scarves, etc.
  • 2If you are taking any medication, please tell your doctor in advance. You have to stop taking your medication from 7 to 10 days before the surgery. (Aspirin, painkillers, etc.)
  • 3If you have symptoms of cold and flu, high fever, severe phlegm or cough, it is recommended to postpone the surgery.
  • 4Please stop smoking and drinking three days before the surgery.
  • 5Please do not eat or drink anything from 6 hours before the operation.(Including candy, gum, beverage, coffee, water)
  • 6Driving immediately after surgery is dangerous, so please use public transportation or come with your guardian.
After surgery
  • 1Try not to move your arms for 48 hours after surgery and rest.
  • 2Do not raise your arms above shoulders for 2 weeks after surgery and do not lift anything heavy.
  • 3Do not remove the tapes off the breasts on your own as they play important role in bleeding control and progress.
  • 4Quick shower is possible after 7 days from surgery.
  • 5Avoid laying face down while sleeping and keep head 20-30 degrees higher than heart by having 2-3 pillows under the head to help with swelling and pain relief.
  • 6You may experience most swelling up to 48 hours after surgery. Use an ice pack for 3 days and a warm pack from the 4th day.
  • 7Avoid drinking and smoking for faster recovery. If unavoidable, they can be done 3-4 weeks after surgery.
  • 8Avoid going to the sauna or hot spring for 3 weeks after surgery.

Postoperative swelling and bruising may vary depending on the individual's constitution


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