Breast Lifting

Elasticity of the droopy breast UP<br />
At the same time breast size UP

Breast Lifting, Giving you the tight and elastic breast, GRAND’S Breast Lifting

When your nipple is not located in the center, but looking downward, it means that you have droopy breast syndromes.
In case you did a breast augmentation without make any correction to your droopy breast.
Your upper breast will protrude or it will create a double crease which makes your breast looks unnatural.
It’s important to decide on an accurate breast shape which suits each of the individual and
get the breast augmentation from skilled surgeons.
Degree of Breast Droopiness
The degree of the droopiness can be judge from the degree how far the nipple going downward compares to the
standard under breast line.
It’s normal if the nipple is 4-5 centimeter above the under breast line, if the nipple position is lower than the
under breast line, it has to be improved via correction surgery.
Level A Mastoptosis
The case where it’s 1 centimeter going down towards
the under breast line
Level B Mastoptosis
The case where it’s 1-2 centimeter lower than the
under breast line, but the breast tissue is
located a little above the line.
Level C Mastoptosis
It’s going downward and located 3 centimeter lower
than the under breast line.

 What is GRAND’s 
 Breast Lifting Surgery(Mastopexy)? 
It’s NOT solely an augmentation or reduction!
It’s not solely an augmentation or reduction; it’s not an artificial implant,
but using your won breast line to give you an elastic and voluminous breast.
Accurate Surgery by Endoscopy
Higher your satisfaction by performing a more accurate and
detailed surgery compare to the standard one
Minimizing the blood vessel and nerve damage.
Analyzing the muscle structure via endoscopy to be able to exfoliate accurately,
so that it can reduce the nerve and vessel damage as well as maintain the sense of breast.
Minimize pain by minimizing the incisions
Since it’s able to perform the surgery with the minimal incision,
therefore there’s no need to use the uncomfortable blood pocket, minimize the pain and the recovery time is short.
Simple post surgery treatment
Since the pain caused is just a little due to a soft and accurate exfoliation,
you’ll feel less pain and more comfortable when receiving the post surgery massage treatment

Cause of the droopiness, Aging, Giving birth & breast feeding, Natural Cause,Heavy Diet

While the degree of the droopiness is being judged by considering the standard of under cease and level of the nipple,
whether or not to do breast lifting and which method should be used is being decided by considering the level of droopiness,
size of the breast, customers individual view on scars, and our specialist’ opinion.
Droopy Breast (Mastopexy)
- It’s not an artificial implants, but a surgery method which
  use your own breast line to give you a more elastic
  and voluminous breast.
- Make the incision around areola, then remove the saggy
  skin and some of the breast tissue, while the rest of
  the breast tissue is being hanged near the breast
  muscle to improve the droopiness
Droopy Breast + Augmentation
Small volume-breast with medium level of droopiness
The droopiness and the elasticity can be improved easily through
a breast augmentation surgery.(Serious case of droopiness)
Small volume-breast with a serious case
of droopiness
Doing the incision through areola and remove the droopy skin
in the lower part then gather the breast tissues and make an
upward breast work to improve the condition, then depends on
the need of each individual, an implant breast augmentation
surgery can also go along side by side with this surgery.
Droopy Breast + Reduction
Vertical Incision Surgery
- This is the surgery method which widely used for the common breast lifting
  and reduction surgery.
- As it can be visibly seen, the breast lifting will make use of and
  remove 500-1000g amount of breast tissue. he scar will occur around
  Tthe areola part and vertically from the areola down to the lower crease.
Areola Incision Surgery
- This is the exact surgery method for individual who has a normal size of
  breast with a not serious case of droopiness.
- The incision will be done around the areola, so it has the fewer scars
  compare to other type of surgery method, this is one of the method which
  can be used simply for those who hasn’t married yet.
“O” Incision Breast Reduction Surgery
- Incision method which is made around the areola’s surrounding and
  do down below it by creating an “O” figure
- Since it will create a lot of alteration for the under breast
  crease, it’s the most suitable method to be used for those
  reduction case of more than 1000g

Effective case of GRAND Breast Lifting Surgery (Mastopexy)

Post-Surgery care is important!

A simple shower is possible after 7 days.
(Don’t soak the surgery part with water or staying in the hot temperature place for a long time)
it’s better to avoid going to sauna or hot spring until one month after the surgery.
There’s no problem for light exercise such as jogging, but it is advised to avoid heavy exercise for at least 1 month.
No drinking and smoking 2 weeks before the surgery and 4weeks after surgery.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*