Breast Fat-Graft

GRAND Breast Augmentation by Fat Grafting injects your own fat to get the natural breast shape
you’d like to have, without any artificial feeling, even when you stand up or lie down,
you can maintain the natural shape of your breast.
Again, since it’s using your own fat instead of implant, the sense of touch does not differ and
no one will be able to notice that you ha dsurgery.
Pure Fat GraftFat grafting is possible using micro fat graft and healthy pure fat
Impurities are removed by Lipokit system, inflammation and hardening problem occurrence is low
Perfect proportionThrough three dimensional fat graft, overall area can become harmonious by considering three dimensional structure as well as highering survival rate
Maximized effect with high survival rateSurvival rate is increased by introduction of Lipokit, maximized effect can be expected with lots of experience and the most advanced equipment
Simple aftercareThere is almost no bruising or swelling by delicate surgery, resuming daily life is possible right
after the surgery
Breast augmentation by fat grafting cannot make breast size big enough?For those whoo have small breasts, it is not possible to make them as big as inserting implants, however, the size will become bigger than current size
Is it possible to increase to size by injecting a lot of fat at once?Fat cells have to be injected and survive for fat grafting, more amount of fat can be grafted for big breasts. However, injecting a lot of fat in case for small breast, large quantities of necrosis fat can
occur which can cause a problem, therefore, moderate amount of fat should grafted. If ncessary,
proper amount of fat have to be injected for the first step to find out how muc fat will be able to
survive, and after grafted fat completely survives, then another amount of fat on the next step
after space is made, using same grafting method as the first step
Will it be under general anesthesia?Breast augmentation by fat grafting will be performed under both local and sedation,
which is safe and comfortable. Also, drainage or attached device is not necessary,
others won’t notice that you had surgery
How long is the recovery period?Unlike fat grafting on other areas, swelling and bruising will be hidden under the underwear,
you will have some stiffness for 2-3 days, no one can tell you had surgery from the outside
Is surgery scar noticeable?Generally when implant is inserted, at least 3-5 CM of incision is made, however, for fat grafting,
there will be about 2mm of needle hole following breast line, you don’t have to worry
about scarring
Is supportive bra and care treatment necessary after breast fat grafting?Supportive bra is not necessary after breast fat grafting, and there ewon’t be one of the
big problems for inserting implant, such as capsular contracture,
special care treatment is not necessary
Breast fat-graft uses your own fat therefore there’s no need to have a special treatment afterwards.
No drinking and smoking 2weeks before the surgery and 4weeks after surgery.
It’s better not to do an excessive movement or rub the surgery part before the fat grafting is fixed.
Do not press your breast 1month after the surgery and don’t wear a tight bra.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*