Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation Revision(Revision)

Breast Augmentation Revision(Revision)

As it’s a symbol of a woman to have a beautiful line with appropriate volume,
breast surgery is not solely a surgery but it has to be followed by a proper consultation.
While in a breast surgery, each individual have difference idea of size, sense, and shape,
and each type of surgery has a minor probability of having a capsular contraction so
it’s important to have a more proper treatment on this.
“There’s a high possibility of getting side effect
  after having breast surgery such as unsatisfying
  shape, problem with the implant, etc if the
  procedure is being done by a surgeon
  who doesn’t have enough experience or not
  enough knowledge on breast anatomic”
Breast surgery is not solely an esthetic surgery but it’s an
important surgery which can grab a woman’s whole life,
and in order to prevent pregnancy, giving birth and breast
feeding problem in a long term, completing a healthy
beauty is important.
With grand’s specialist who’s full of experience and technique
it’s not only helping a woman to hind her confidence,
but also giving you a wonderful breast at the same time.
 What is GRAND Breast Augmentation Revision? 
Return your confidence and beautifulness at the same time!
Return your confidence which being daunted due to your breast help you to prevent any problem
during pregnancy, giving birth and breast feeding along with giving you a healthy
and beauty at the same time.
NOT simply an augmentation or reduction!
With a different standard as the first surgery, it’s not simply an augmentation or reduction,
not by using artificial implants, but using your own breast line giving you the elastic
and voluminous breast. There’s a space for the implant to move freely, therefore it will
spread when you press it and it moves according to your body move, when you running the
implants even roll according to your movement.
Accurate surgery by endoscopy
Increase the satisfaction since it’s possible to perform a more accurate and detailed
surgery compared to the basic one. Analyzing the muscle structure via endoscopy to be
able to exfoliate accurately, so that it can reduce the nerve and vessel damage as well as
maintain the sense of breast.
Minimize pain by minimizing incision
Since it makes use of the incision part you had during your first surgery,
it’s possible to fix it through a small incision therefore you don’t need to put on an
inconvenient blood pocket, the pain will be minimize with a short recovery period.
Simple post-surgery treatment
Since the pain caused is just a little due to a soft and accurate exfoliation, you’ll
feel less pain and more comfortable when receiving the post surgery massage treatment.
Doing the revision at one time, GRAND thorough optimize each individual’s
“Breast Cleavage Revision” higher the satisfaction of the revision.
GRAND Breast Cleavage Revision Augmentation
is a breast surgery that gives each female their ideal natural shape
and sense along with satisfaction of the result.

Provide satisfaction by fixing even the most delicate difference
of 1mm for breast surgery, it give you an effective breast
surgery by using endoscopic equipment which can increase
your satisfaction and accuracy of the surgery.
Using the high tech 3D Full Endoscopy during the surgery
to improve the effectiveness and safety of the surgery.
Using the most high tech endoscopic equipment,
we can get an even more detailed and accurate breast
structure, by minimizing the range of incision and being able
to put in the implant and get the most exact position is
Grand’s most high tech surgery technique.

Case of Capsular Contraction
Even there’s a protective layer between the implants
being put inside your body and its surrounding
with the body normal tissues to block the collagen
to leak outside, but as the skin membrane gets
thick and become hard it’s called a
“capsular contraction”
Surgery Method
Remove the implants inside and change it to another type
The incision to eliminate the skin membrane can be done through armpit, but if the membrane
is too thick, then the elimination has to be done through the under breast crease or areola.

In case of Asymmetric
Basically, each individual has a different breast shape
for left and right side. There is a possibility
on a different timing for the implant to
fix on it’s place as the movement number is different
for both arms and breast
Surgery Method
Before surgery, and to understand the exact cause and make
a surgical plan that suits it, enforce a re-operation.

Unnatural and unsatisfied
with the size
In case your current size and shape is not the ideal
type you want and it looks unnatural, we can help
you to give satisfaction through a re-surgery.
Surgery Method
Remove current implants and replace it into the ideal exact size of implant and
place in into the proper place to reshape the shape of your breast

Implant’s damage
In case of using cohesive gel implants,
as it has a unique characteristics of silicon,
it won’t degenerate by itself, but more to
like there’s some error during the process,
it’s possible to get a substitution.
Surgery Method
In case there’s no problem with the free space inside,
we will remove the current implants and replace it with a new one.

 Post surgery care is important! 
After the surgery, taking soft food and thin rice gruel, after 6 hours is recommended.
A simple shower is possible after 7 days.
(Don’t soak the surgery part with water or staying in the hot temperature place for a long time)
After surgery, Swelling and bruising occur depends on individual difference,
avoid laying on stomach or bend your head, using of 2-3 puffy pillows when you sleep is
recommended to help to subside swelling and bruising.
After surgery, do not lift up arms more than 90 degree
also avoid carrying or lifting heavy stuffs or any motions which can burden on arms for a week.
After surgery, doing light such as jogging is no problem,
but avoid breast weighting which could be cause of the implant transformation.
After surgery, drinking alcohol and smoking could delay the
healing of wounds. If unavoidable, it’s available after 3-4 weeks.
After surgery, avoid having strong impacts during the recovery period.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*