Barbie Volume Forehead Augmentation

Barbie Volume Forehead Augmentation
Barbie Volume Forehead Augmentation

What is Barbie Volume Forehead Augmentation?
Facial contouring surgery
Grand’s Barbie Volume Forehead Augmentation refers to surgery method in which
‘autologous fat grafting’ or ‘customized forehead implant insertion”
is used to create a barbie-doll like plump and lovely forehead
from a flat, sunken, wide or narrow forehead conditions.

At the same time, nose line is naturally connected to the
forehead volume to bring liveliness to the whole face.

Why Grand’s Barbie Volume Forehead Surgery?
Facial contouring surgery
Enhance face’s multi-dimension
through forehead volume
Clear definition to the
total look of the face
Sophisticated image
gives anti-aging effect

With Barbie Volume
forehead surgery at Grand,
it’s not just making the
forehead to stand out, but the
volume on the forehead
will give 3 dimensional
effect to the total face
With Barbie volume
forehead surgery at Grand,
it’s not only making the
volume on the center part of
the forehead. Surgery is
performed after considering
overall facial line from
so overall facial contour
ooks more defined.
With Barbie volume
forehead surgery at Grand,
volume and multi-dimension
is added onto the forehead.
A more refined image
and lovely baby-looking
face may be expected.

 Effect of Barbie volume forehead surgery at grand 

Narrow forehead
When forehead is narrow. by giving volume all
around the forehead with the surgery
will improve the look of the narrow-ness.

When eyebrow bone is protruded
If part of the forehead is sunken and there is an
asymmetry, customized size of implant or moderate
amount of fat will be inserted after analyzing
the exact location.

When the forehead is sunken
If the middle of forehead is sunken or asymmetric,
it can be improved with the surgery by designing
the size of implant or amount of fat.

When the forehead is lain down
If the forehead is lying down,
put lots of fat in the upper forehead rather
than the lower one to improve the
forehead with volume.

When the forehead is flat
Improves flatness by adding the volume on not
only the central part of forehead but also the
whole forehead.

Barbie Volume Forehead Augmentation Method
Facial contouring surgery
There are two methods to Grand’s Barbie Volume Forehead Augmentation
: [Autologous Fat Grafting] and [Customized implant Forehead Augmentation].
     What is Forehead Fat Grafting? 

Fat grafting uses young and healthy cells to inject
precise amount of fat onto the accurate location
in this case flat and dull forehead.
This is a procedure in which Autologous fa
is injected onto the area with highest fat settlement
rate to help create round voluminous forehead.

     Advantage of Forehead Fat Grafting 

Transform flat
and dull face
into small,
pretty multi-
dimensional face
Flat, plain face
willlook smaller
and have
defined look
to the face
bruises ▼
swelling ▼
repulsion ▼
Face slimming
and anti-aging
Effect to
body figure as
taking fat from
hip thigh area

     Method of Forehead Fat Grafting 

In case of correction using fat grafting,
the surgical area may be wide spread and 1:1 personalized design and precise treatment
is possible depending on the individual condition.
Pure Autologous Fat
Brow areas including the forehead are all treatable area.
Since pure autolgous fat is injected there is no reaction to foreign material
and designing natural facial contour is possible.

     Forehead Fat Grafting Surgery Information 

     What is customized implant forehead augmentation? 

Forehead Augmentation using Customized Implant
is a forehead plastic surgery method is which
customized implant is used to create personalized
volume. This method is appropriate for those
who have severe depression on the forehead
and would like voluminous forehead.

     Advantage of customized implant forehead augmentation 

By inserting
implant resulting
with high accurac
satisfaction Up▲
to minimize
so scar area▼
the effect goes▲
even more
effect with
effect with
a smaller face
and younger

     Method of Customized Implant Forehead Augmentation 

High-soft Customized Implantis used for creating customized gypsum mold

Mold is made to fit
one’s forehead shape
Completion of the mold
Along the mold, implant is made to make up
for the fault and lack of volume on the mold.

Because the mold is made according to the individual forehead contour,
1:1 customized design is possible to allow precise surgery.

After making incision on the top part of the scalpm, we detach forehead bone,
soft tissue abd periosteum to make aspace for the implant to be inserted.

We accurately insert custom-made implant which fits perfectly with the contour of the forehead,
just above the forehead bone.

We make sure to hide the scar on the incision area around the hairline by precise suture.
     Customized Implant Forehead Augmentation Surgery Information 

Recipient for Barbie volume forehead surgery at Grand
Facial contouring surgery
Those who
want natural
yet definite
forehead volume
Those who
have bumpy and
uneven forehead
Those who
have flat
or sunken
giving off
dull look
Those who
want round
Those who
have protruded
brow bone

 After care is 

 important for Grand’s Barbie Volume Forehead Surgery 

1. For forehead fat grafting

After fat grafting please use ice pack for the first 36-48 hours after the surgery and keep your head up higher than the heart.

Until graft cells settle and survive, please refrain from moving or rubbing the surgery area.

It is possible to go back normal daily routine like before the surgery
by 3 weeks after the surgery as the grafted tissue will become hardened.

After the surgery please apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on the surgery area diligently.

There may be reddish glow or swelling but will generally subside over time.
2. For Forehead Augmentation using implant insertion

Please refrain from not having heavy impact on the forehead until the implant firmly settles into its place.

Simple showers may be taken when the incision area is sufficiently healed about 7 days after the surgery.

Sauna or Korean dry sauna use is allowed 1 month after the surgery if possible.

Jogging or light exercise is okay but rigorous exercise should be avoided for minimum of 1 month

Drinking and smoking after the surgery slows the process of scar healing,
and maybe done 4 weeks after the surgery.
Swelling may be expected of anyone after the surgery but the degree of swelling
varies depending on the inserted amount and individual bodily condition.

*Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patient's individual case.*