Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic

Introducing our medical experts and quality services

“Sinsa Main Center Grand Opening”

Korea’s leading hospital with total area of 4,300㎡ at 21 floors
Grand Plastic Surgery’s new headquarters in Sinsa
HOT PLACE of korea, Garosu-gil area in Sinsa with 21 floors(6 underground, 15 above)
< Grand plastic surgery's New headquarters > is
Operated separately by specific categories of treatments by each floor,
maximixing the effciency and convenience of patients while enabling all
operations and recovery care to be done within Grand plastic surgery even
when desired operations may very.

Equipped with specialized system for foreign patients
Grand Plastic Surgery’s new headquarters in Sinsa
Coordinators specialized in 6 languages in the clinic
We have reanslating service provided by the professional
coordinator whthin the center, covering English, Chinese,
Russian, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese.
Hotel Concierge system for 1:1 Personalized service
As soon as the patient walks in to the < Grand plastic
surgery's new headquarters in Sinsa >, we take care of
all complaints with the professional service team who
provide concierge system that is customized 1:1.
1:1 Customized service for froeign partients
We provide service that takes care of not only
consultations in the languages in English, Chinese,
Russian, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, but an
effective one stop system from consultation, treatment,
surgery, recovery, post-care and dishospitalization.
Specialized care for foreign patients
For the Korean residences in different countries, we
provide service from reservation to diagnose-Operation-
Recovery-Post operation care-Disharge.

We will increase your satisfaction with customer-oriented facilities
and luxurious interior for excellent customer service.

Hospital level Medical system
Completed system with the latest medical equipments
One way mirror system installed in recovery rooms
Operation rooms and recovery rooms are very close that the distance between is very
short, and the one way mirror system makes it possible to constandtly check the status of
the patients who’s had general anesthesia in recovery.
[One way mirror system is only at Grand, made to check the patients'
status without missing a moment and efficiently care for them]
Wall care System / Nurse call System installed in operation rooms.
recovery rooms, hospitalizing rooms

Wall care System and Nurse call System are installed in all hospitalizing
rooms, operating rooms and recovery rooms. It enables the patients to
receive care from professional nurses the moment they call, creating
the university hospital level environment that serves each patients
with the latest care systems.
Self-generating power system and Uninterruptible power supply(UPS)

To respond quickly to possible lose of power, we have adopted self-generating power
system inside our building. Grand’s new headquarters in Sinsa’s self-generating power
system makes if possible to cope with possible lose of power by generating power
infinitely unless supply of the fuel stops.

New headquarter of Grand Plastic Surgery has designed to provide comfort and
Luxurious twenty-first story tower facolities for a foreign patient
Air cleaning unit is equrpped in
every operation rooms to eliminate
dust and virus.
A surgery performs under sterilized
environment and sately.
All of inpartient rooms perpares
provide comfortable environment
for a patient. Also, patient can
receive professional postoperative
cares by medical staff.
Grand renovates recovery area for
postoperative treatment care to
help faster recovery for a foreign
1) Individual postoperative room
prepares medical equipments such
as anti-swelling and radio-frequency
to provide faster recovery.
2) Professional therapists take care
individually to deliver stable
healing process.

Grand Plastic Surgery manages ONE-STOP customer service
from consultation, examinaation, operation, recovery to postoperative treatment

Established as the leading plastic surgery clinic in South Korea by implementing the best medical team and systems

  • Specialty of Grand

    We are a plastic surgery hospital that
    has 9 Specialized medical treatment area with various specialists.

  • Special Medical Care

    Medical specialists we have available are plastic surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists’ dermatologists, physicians etc.

  • Trust in Collaboration

    We share expertise among 4 of our specialized branches

  • A Leader in our Country

    Established as the leading plastic surgery clinic in South Korea by implementing the best medical team and systems

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*