30 Days of Recovery

Follow-up care is essential to monitor your safe healing.

We created a Self-Care Program to help you during your recovery process.

Day 1 The 1st day after surgery

“Disinfect incision area & compress garments”

-When you come back to the hospital the day after surgery, the surgical area will be checked, bandages will be removed, and the incision area will be disinfected.
-A compressive garment alleviates the swelling and pain that can occur after surgery and it helps to create the desired body shape. If the garment is worn continuously for 2-3 months, more effective results can be obtained. When wearing a compressive garment, make sure your skin is smoothed out; you don’t want a bumpy effect.


Tip! Wear a compression garment during the daytime, and try to take it off early in the evening. If it’s worn for 24 hours continuously, it’ll slow down the metabolism and swelling can get worse.




Day 2 The 2nd day after surgery

“Sap care & diet control”

For the first day or two, a sap that was injected to your body to minimize bleeding can flow out and wet your clothes. You do not need to worry about it though since it’s natural occurrence. Just make sure you cover your bed with a towel before going to sleep. There’s no particular restriction on dieting, but try to eat less fattening food in smaller amounts for the first week of the recovery period.


Tip! A little bit of weight gain is possible right after surgery; this is from the injected sap, so don’t worry about it.




Day 3The 3rd day after surgery

“Swelling care & pumpkin juice”

If you want to reduce the swelling after surgery, minimize your intake of salty food, sleep with legs up, and drink pumpkin juice. In addition, go for a walk to shorten the recovery period and prevent possible side effects. Swelling can vary from person to person, but your beautiful body shape will be fully revealed once the swelling is all gone.


Tip! Avoid applying a hot pack due to sensitive skin after surgery. Also, your sense of feeling is not fully recovered yet, so there’s a risk of burns. It’s recommended to apply an ice pack during this period.




Day 7 The 7th day after surgery

“Swelling care through Relax-F massage”

Severe swelling can last for a while so on the 7th day, come for a ‘Relax-F’ treatment to prevent the skin from becoming bumpy. Relax-F massaging is not only effective in subsiding the swelling but it accelerates waste elimination along with a lifting effect so blood circulation also increases.


Tip!We have a specialized therapist residing at Grand Plastic Surgery who will provide customized swelling care through a systematic postoperative care schedule.




Day 10 The 10th day after surgery

“Stitch removal & shower”

After 7-10 days, the stitches are removed after Relax-F massaging and the incision area is disinfected. If it’s inconvenient for you to come back to the hospital, you can remove the stitches at your local clinic. Showering can be done a week after surgery. Place a waterproof bandage on the surgical area when taking a shower to prevent it from getting wet. After taking a shower, apply an ointment to the surgical area.


Tip!Please avoid excessive scratching because your skin is very sensitive at the moment.




Day 12 The 12th day after surgery

“Endermologie care & a smaller compressive garment”

Most bruising should be gone and your body shape should be more defined; however, the surgical area can begin to toughen at this time. Grand Plastic Surgery provides endermologie care to alleviate edema and skin toughening. Your compressive garment will be getting looser, so downsize the garment if necessary.


Tip!The hardening condition is at its peak 2-3 weeks after surgery and it starts to loosen up after 3 months. The tingling or numbing sensations of the surgical area will disappear as well.




Day 20 The 20th day after surgery

“Endermologie care & reduced garment size”

At Grand Plastic Surgery, the elimination of bodily waste and swelling care is done through Power Shape, whereas the hardening condition and alleviation of edema is taken care of by endermologie massage. Power Shape is effective in breaking down fat, improving cellulite, and shaping the body overall. About 20 days after surgery, light weight lifting is recommended with our postoperative care. Weight lifting is more effective in burning fat than cardio exercising, and 3 times a week of 30 minutes is sufficient.


Tip! In the case of weight lifting, start with light exercises such as cycling or using dumbbells




Day 25 The 25nd day after surgery

“Dieting & keeping your body in shape”

After a liposuction procedure, there can be an increase in appetite due to the loss of fat. However, it’s necessary to have healthy eating habits and continue exercising in order to stay in shape; even after liposuction.


Tip!Depending on the patient, drug therapy which includes a fat blocking pill or an appetite suppressant is carried out with postoperative care.




Day 30The 30nd day after surgery

“Follow-up consultation & sauna”

A month after surgery, you will come in for a follow-up care consultation with the surgeon to thoroughly your current state. Meanwhile, if you have any questions you can drop in anytime or give us a call. You may now visit places like saunas, hot springs or swimming pools. Timing may vary among patients.


Tip! The important thing about liposuction is postoperative care. It’s not just about losing weight, but more about getting rid of excess fat to enhance your body shape and then continuing the care your body needs.

* Side effects such as bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. can be experienced after surgery and consult with your doctor as individual results may vary.*